Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. on Empowering the Youth and Strengthening Relationships

It is a well-known fact that children are the hope of the future. However, youth from around the world have become victims of unfortunate circumstances. For this reason, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. was created to give young people the good life that they deserve. 

Widely acknowledged for supporting families with children and strengthening broken relationships, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. is a family and children advocacy nonprofit organization 501c(3) that focuses on four integral pillars—faith, family, fun, and finance. The Four F Framework was designed to build stronger bonds with social and emotional learning tools and produce generational wealth in a way that would allow members to have fun and to feel free when expressing themselves. 

Standing at the helm of Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. is the organization’s CEO and esteemed founder, Yalanda Barber-Sweney. She is the first African-American woman to create a female and male toy curated as African American Foster Care Heroes—Princess Yaya and King James. Armed with the vision of creating a positive impact, the luminary pushes boundaries to touch the lives of children across the globe.

“Our masterclasses, training, courses, and Facebook Community are centered around this framework. Inspire Your Daughters and Sons partner and collaborate with other CEOs, founders, small business owners, corporations, and government entities,” Yalanda Barber-Sweney explained. “Our latest program, Kreative Master Minds, allows young ones K – 12  to find their voice and build confidence through arts and culture, specifically creative writing,” she added. 

According to Yalanda Barber-Sweney, Kreative Master Minds is a creative writing program that focuses on enrichment activities promoting core areas such as mindfulness, self-esteem, identity, writing, and culture. It also seeks to cultivate an environment that encourages inner-city youth to become a writer and possibly an author. Above anything else, the program aims to empower young individuals to step into their light and embrace their potential. 

In an effort to facilitate success and enable growth, Kreative Master Mind will give participants the opportunity to learn more about the process of writing a children’s book. This exposure will enable them to build their confidence as they find their voice in creative writing and come up with their own published work. Moreover, the program also instills a sense of community as participants thereof will get the chance to become pen pals with other youth in Africa. 

In the coming years, Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. hopes to have built a school and some houses in Africa for families with children. On top of that, the organization also aims to establish an art and culture studio with a warehouse functionality in Atlanta. 

“We will expand to teach and support all of the visual arts—dance, drama, photography, drawing, music, and literature. We will also conduct yearly visits to all seven wonders of the world and to different parts of Africa, exposing our youth to a vast array of cultures,” Yalanda Barber-Sweney shared. 

Much can be expected from Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. as it continues to inspire children and give them much-needed support in their respective endeavors. Along with its founder and the rest of the team, the organization is ready to fuel the youth with hope and passion. 


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