Hale™: Redefining Nasal Relief with Innovation and Science

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Struggling with chronic nasal obstruction is a story all too familiar for millions of people worldwide. Distressing tales of surgical intervention and its associated costs have painted a bleak picture for those living with this chronic condition. Stepping into this landscape with a solution that marries innovative technology with expert medical knowledge is the brand Hale™.

After two decades of diagnosing and treating nasal obstruction, Dr. Patrick Byrne, a veteran nasal reconstruction surgeon, recognized the need to create a simple yet effective solution for his patients. Partnering with talented biomedical engineers at Johns Hopkins, the team developed a revolutionary breathing device – Hale™. This over-the-counter device is capable of dramatically expanding the nasal passage without the need for surgery or medication, and it is designed to be discreet and comfortable for all-day wear.

Hale™ is no ordinary nasal dilator. The product was meticulously designed to mimic cartilage grafts used in functional rhinoplasty to improve nasal breathing. Informed by CT data collected at Johns Hopkins, the unique flared design differentiates Hale™ from its competitors, further enhanced by its proprietary shape.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Hale™ is how noticeably it increases airflow. Results from clinical trials at Johns Hopkins demonstrate that 54% of users reported a noticeable increase in airflow through the nose once they found the right size. Moreover, the device also promises better sleep quality, reduced daytime drowsiness, improved mood, better concentration, and memory.

As a standout product in the landscape of nasal dilators, Hale™ is known not only for its advanced design and instant effect but also for its expected lifespan. Each device is designed to last for 10 days of regular use, extending its effectiveness beyond its competitors. Behind the ingenuity of this innovative solution is the commitment of the Hale™ team to offer a non-invasive solution to nasal obstruction.  As a best in class product, Hale is a next generation breathing aid that delivers on its promises.


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