Building Trust through Responsibility: The Leadership Philosophy of Gregory J. Myers

Gregory J. Myers
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The security sector is an intricate and challenging domain that necessitates exceptional abilities and expertise. Gregory J. Myers has served in a variety of security, investigation, law enforcement, and military positions in both public and private sectors for more than 20 years. Mr. Myers’ exceptional qualifications and skills have propelled him from being a licensed security officer to the CEO of Concept Security & Investigations, Inc.

Mr. Myers’ journey began when he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After that, he pursued a career in the public sector, following in his parents’ footsteps of helping others. He later took on managerial roles at two of the top 10 security firms in the US, where he supervised security officers and site supervisors and trained new management staff.

Although he gained much experience in the private sector, Mr. Myers sought a new challenge. He worked for a retired NYPD detective doing investigations and created a security department with a training school. He was responsible for securing contracts, developing business, and implementing policies and procedures. After attending several business seminars, he founded the Concept Security Training Institute in 2005 and Concept Security & Investigations, Inc. in 2006. The company has since expanded into three distinct divisions: Security, Court Services, and Investigations.

Mr. Myers’ background in security operations and executive experience set him apart from other security executives who have never been security officers. He believes that executives should be honest with their subordinates and take responsibility for their decisions, whether they are right or wrong. Accepting failure is a chance to grow and improve.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Myers’ Concept Security & Investigations, Inc. has continued to flourish. He emphasizes the importance of credibility and taking responsibility for decisions to establish trust with staff and clients.

Overall, Mr. Myers’ path and proficiency in the security industry offer insightful takeaways for aspiring professionals or entrepreneurs looking to establish their security business. His exceptional talents and unwavering commitment have empowered him to thrive in this highly competitive and intricate arena.


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