Fused Media Emerges as a Major Player in the Home Service Contractor Industry

Fused Media
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Fused Media, an up-and-coming digital marketing agency, has become a significant contender in the home service contractor industry. Led by its founder, Michael Schreiber, Fused Media has been making impressive strides in putting clients at the forefront of their business and utilizing innovative software to aid them. With an emphasis on client satisfaction and implementing unique marketing techniques, Fused Media has achieved extraordinary success and positioned itself as a prominent figure not only in the home service sector but in the digital marketing industry as a whole.

Fused Media focuses on paid advertising through Facebook and Google, and provides its clients with a software solution called Trade Growth that automates sales, marketing, and customer support. With Trade Growth, Fused Media ensures that there is no leaky bucket when it comes to leads. Meaning nothing is being left on the table and no leads falling through the cracks, enabling Fused Media clients to recover revenue that would have otherwise been lost. This unique approach has allowed Fused Media’s clients to achieve impressive results and reap high returns on their advertising investment.

Fused Media’s success is reflected in its track record of delivering exceptional results for its clients. For instance, The Landscaping Experts in Joliet, Illinois generated over $6,000,000 in revenue within 11 months with just over $17,000 in ad spend. Norse Construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, achieved almost $1.1 million in revenue within 7 months, while M&P Remodeling in Hillsboro, Oregon, generated almost half a million dollars in revenue in just 3 months. These remarkable outcomes showcase Fused Media’s expertise in driving impressive returns on advertising investment for their clients.

Fused Media places great importance on ensuring client satisfaction and has fostered a team-based culture to prioritize communication with their clients. With their unwavering commitment to delivering results, Fused Media is poised for continued success and growth. This year, the agency aims to empower contractors by teaching them how to develop and run effective ad campaigns and create impactful SMS and email campaigns within the Trade Growth system.

The story of Fused Media’s success is nothing short of inspiring for both budding entrepreneurs and established businesses. Their exceptional understanding of paid advertising and software solutions has revolutionized the digital marketing realm, setting a benchmark for others to follow. Spearheaded by Michael Schreiber and his team, Fused Media has elevated its clients to incredible heights and cemented themselves as a reputable ally in the contractor community. Their constant innovation and progress are bound to raise the bar even higher for the industry.



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