From Military Ranks to Real Estate Revolution: Avery Washington’s Journey

Avery Washington Military Ranks to Real Estate Revolution
Photo Courtesy: Avery Washington

Avery Washington’s story unfolds with a narrative rich in discipline, determination, and a deep-seated desire to contribute meaningfully to society. Transitioning from an illustrious 12-year tenure in the Marine Corps into the complex world of real estate, Washington has carved a niche for himself, establishing Continental-Ground—a company that not only boasts over $6.5 million in assets under management but is also pioneering over 300 units of innovative housing developments across North Carolina. This journey from the structured world of military service to the dynamic and often unpredictable real estate market underscores a tale of adaptation, learning, and unwavering commitment to community and economic development.

Building a Foundation on Military Values

Washington’s entry into the real estate domain was anything but conventional. His extensive military background, characterized by discipline, strategic planning, and a robust work ethic, provided a solid foundation for his foray into real estate investing and brokerage. After dedicating over a decade to serving his country, Washington redirected his focus towards serving communities in Eastern North Carolina, leveraging his leadership skills and strategic insights to navigate the complex real estate landscape.

The Pivot: Navigating New Territories

In 2019, Washington’s career took a significant turn. With a rich background in real estate investment and a burgeoning interest in addressing the housing affordability crisis, he delved into traditional brokerage. This phase was not just a career move but a strategic positioning, allowing him to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities within the housing market, particularly in the Jacksonville area—a place he had come to know well since 2011.

However, the true catalyst for Washington’s shift from brokerage to development was the unprecedented global event of COVID-19. The pandemic not only changed the world’s economic landscape but also highlighted the vulnerabilities and gaps within the housing market. Washington saw an opportunity amidst the crisis: to educate himself on property development and to conceive new ways to facilitate homeownership, especially for those sidelined by traditional financial barriers.

Championing Affordable Housing

Washington’s vision for Continental-Ground is deeply intertwined with his commitment to fostering affordable housing solutions. Recognizing the disparities in the housing market—where renters often faced insurmountable barriers to homeownership—Washington embarked on a mission to redefine the narrative. His approach to development was strategic and purpose-driven, focusing on creating housing solutions that were not only affordable but also accessible to a broader demographic, including those considered high-risk by traditional lending standards.

This strategic pivot was propelled by the understanding that, despite the low-interest rates that initially accompanied the pandemic, the subsequent economic recovery and rising rates would further alienate potential homeowners. Washington’s response was a bold move towards development, with the aim of leveraging creative and conventional financing methods to bridge the homeownership gap, particularly in a market facing inflation and rising material costs.

A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation

What sets Avery Washington apart is not solely his transition from military to real estate or his strategic shift from brokerage to development. It is his unwavering commitment to leadership, transparency, and innovation. Washington treats Continental-Ground not just as a business but as a platform for change, applying military precision to market analysis, project development, and community engagement.

His focus extends beyond the financial metrics of real estate development; Washington is dedicated to creating value for communities, offering more than just housing but a chance at improved quality of life. This commitment to social impact is evident in every project undertaken by Continental-Ground, reflecting Washington’s vision of developing not only properties but also possibilities for those historically underserved by the housing market.

Avery Washington’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of vision, discipline, and resilience. From the disciplined ranks of the Marine Corps to the forefront of real estate development, Washington exemplifies how leadership, coupled with a deep understanding of community needs, can redefine industries and impact lives. As Continental-Ground continues to expand its footprint in North Carolina, Washington’s legacy as a developer and as a community leader grows ever more significant, offering a blueprint for future generations on how to merge business success with social responsibility.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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