Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan, Founder of Sima Collezione Empowers Women by Creating Bold Formal Dresses and Evening Gowns that Bring Out Inner Beauty & Light.

Sima Collezione
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Sima Azadegan less than two years ago had a completely different life as a Mother, Housewife, Piano Teacher, and Singer. Today she is recognized as a Worldwide Famous Fashion Designer of Women’s Formal Dresses and Gowns that have been featured in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Italia, Marie Claire, Amica, Madame Figaro, Forbes, and more. Her collection Sima Collezione has been seen in New York Fashion Week, Italy, and Paris with much applause. We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with her about what’s next for her brand and how we can purchase her dresses.

How did you change your mindset in your midlife to become a successful CEO of your own fashion line Sima Collezione?

I believe that all of my experiences of 50 years of life prepared me to have the mindset of
creating and becoming the CEO of my fashion company, Sima Collezione. At nine years old, I
started my classical piano training which led to the momentum of my life. At seventeen, I went to
college and at twenty one years old, I got married and started creating a family with my
husband. Throughout my adulthood, I became a piano teacher, raised my family, was on the
board of directors of four charities, traveled the world and did an incredible amount of self
introspective work on myself. By 50 years of age, I had a soul awakening as I wanted to
manifest my own dream and my own passion. All of my struggles, growing pains and hard work
in my life were the stepping stones for me to reach the mindset that I needed to become the
founder of Sima Collezione and carry out my mission.

How did you figure out what to do to launch your own business? Did you have a business plan? What is the mission of your brand?

By not having a fashion degree or a business degree, I just listened to my own heart as these
designs were coming to me during Covid. I started taking apparel entrepreneurship classes
online, and educated myself regarding brand development. My guiding voices were helping me
each day, as I launched this project. With passion and determination, I created the mission of
my brand which is to empower the inner light and beauty of each woman and each sale will help
another person in need through the brand’s charity. The mission of my brand resonates very
well with my own character and the truest part of my soul.

Not only did you launch your own fashion line but you became a Worldwide success overnight. What are your most memorable moments of that journey?

I am honestly very grateful and humbled by the experiences that I have had over the past year.
One of the greatest moments of my life was when I walked my own authentic walk at New York
Fashion Week on September 12, 2021. Another moment was when I landed in LA after NYFW,
I found that one of my looks was featured in Vogue Italy. Another great moment was in Milan,
when I entered Palazzo Visconti and saw these models walk down the runway with my dresses.
Honestly that was an experience that I will never forget. Yet, 24 hours after the Milan Show, I am
in my hotel room with my daughter when I find out that my collection is featured in ELLE,
HARPER’S BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE and ten other channels in Europe. I will never forget how
I flew all by myself with four suitcases to Abu Dhabi to feature my collection at the FORBES
30/50 International Women Summit. More recently, I will always treasure the moment when I
entered the American Cathedral at Paris Fashion week, as the Models were walking down the
runway with my collection, my own music of Ave Maria was being played. Lastly, When I arrived
home from Paris Fashion Week, while waiting to get my luggages, I was informed that again my
collection had been featured for the third time on ELLE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE,
IMPRESSIONS, MADAME FIGARO and two to three other channels.

How do you balance work life and family?

I think the toughest challenge for us human beings is how to keep the balance. From the onset
of this journey, I decided that I wanted my family to be part of this adventure that I was going on.
I shared and discussed with them every challenge, obstacle and obviously blessings that would
come my way. I made sure that they were aware of the development of my journey. Honestly,
Success is sweet when you can share it with your family. Another decision that I made at the onset of my journey was to work three days of the week in order to be able to balance my personal life and my family life. In turn, working three days of the week would allow me not to get burned out and at the same time be able to manage my family life as well.

What are the biggest challenges your company faces today and how do you plan to overcome these challenges?

One of the biggest challenges that my company faces today is to find and work with people who
are honest, ethical and have integrity. It’s very important to me that the people who I surround
myself with, should have the same or close to the values that I have. I believe it is only through
an alignment of positive values and demeanor that this company will move forward and prosper.
I always make sure that I do my background check on people but most importantly give
them a chance to prove themselves and what they can produce.The best decision that I made was to apply for New York Fashion Week in December of 2020. By being accepted in January of 2021 to feature my collection, so many other doors opened up for me after my presentation.

What is the best and worst decision you ever made?

The worst decision that I made was to work with someone who presented himself to be someone who he really wasn’t. I believed him but as time passed by, he did not produce the result that he had promised me at the beginning of our meeting. It was through time, I realized he was an imposter and not a truthful person.

What woman inspires you and why?

My grandmother was my inspiration. Suzanna Cohen who is not here with us but lives alive and well in my spirit and soul. She was a holocaust survivor who witnessed the atrocities of WWII but yet was able to survive and live a fulfilled life with grace, humility and integrity. She was a warrior and not a victim and I believe I have inherited this trait from her and I do intend to live my life with success, humility and grace.

Describe what software and technology a fashion designer needs to be knowledgeable in? How did you sketch 50 designs in one month?

I did not use any sophisticated technology while I sketched my 50 designs. As I have said before, these designs came to me through my higher consciousness and I was able to transpire them simply with just paper and pencil. Right now, I have been studying to put my designs in a technical sketch through a program called procreate. I am taking lessons online and learning how to draw my designs with a computer program. During Covid, I sketched my designs, started taking apparel entrepreneurship classes, formulated my brand and created my company Sima Collezione.

Your brand is unique because each dress has a message of mental mindset to inspire women. Why is it important to you as the creator to send a message?

As I saw my designs, I realized that they were conveying a story and or a theme. As the days went by during Covid, I realized that all of my 50 designs, each exemplify a story that encompasses the themes of love, hope, faith, compassion and humankindness. I realized that through my fashion line, I was bringing back the positive forces of nature and humanity back into the world. This was a thrilling moment when I realized that because no designer in the world has done what I have and furthermore, it was exactly what the world needed during those dark days of Covid 19.

You have accomplished so much in such little time since you launched Sima Collezione tell us those accomplishments and what’s next?

Exactly three years ago, I created my company Sima Collezione. Ever Since the inception of my
company, I have had the honor and the privilege to feature my collection at New York Fashion
Week, Milan Fashion Week, Forbes 30/50 International Women Summit and Paris Fashion
Week. Furthermore my collection organically has been featured in VOGUE, ELLE, HARPER’S
BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE, IMPRESSIONS, MADAME FIGARO and over ten press channels all
over the world. All of this is just a sign from the universe that I have a mission and a calling to
bring back light, positivity, the raw essence of beauty, equilibrium, class and glamor back into
the world.

The next step for Sima Collezione is to build the internal structure of the company. Sima
Collezione consists of three tiers. The first tier will be the long evening dresses which will be
made custom to order by professional dress makers who have worked in the field for over 30
years. The second tier will be the cocktail dresses which will be mass manufactured and will be
affordable and accessible to everyone. The third tier will be the ready to wear outfits which will
also be affordable as well as accessible to everyone. All of these three tiers will represent the
theme of Sima Collezione which is about bringing back light, positivity, compassion, love, faith
and hope back into the world. Looking forward to launching Sima Collezione in September 2023!

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