Expanding Product Lineup at Console Vault

Expanding Product Lineup at Console Vault
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Car thefts are continuously on the rise since the pandemic. In 2020, there were over 880,000 reported car thefts. And in 2021, car thefts rose nearly 6%, totaling about 932,000 reported car thefts. And they continue to rise, as projections indicate a potential of over 1 million car thefts for 2022-2023. And if your car is one of the most stolen cars like Hyundai or Kia, these statistics are stacked against you. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB), pickups are the most broken-into vehicles right now. 

While the pandemic exacerbated car thefts due to the rise of used car prices (having risen nearly 18% from 2020-2021), the most important revelation is that car thieves don’t even care about the car. Reader’s Digest compiled a list of why and how car thieves break into cars. The most shocking thing is that they look in to see if you left valuables behind. It’s easier to simply break a window and take the laptop than steal the whole vehicle. But smash-and-go crimes get looped into car theft incidents, or they don’t get reported at all due to law enforcement’s lack of resources. 

“Life is stressful,” shares Scott Bonvissuto, president of Console Vault, an anti-theft car safe company, “make it less stressful by at least ensuring no one will steal your valuables.” This is why having an in-vehicle safe is invaluable and a prudent car accessory. 

Better safe than sorry

Considering that vehicle thefts are on the rise, it’s important to safeguard your possessions as much as possible. Car thieves study your habit and use that information either for themselves or to sell it to other thieves. For example, if you leave your car running in the winter to warm up, thieves will note that, and they’ll observe if you leave your wallet in the car, your work bag, etc. It’s not enough to simply hide your valuables under the seat of your car. Thieves know people do this and look for any sign of that tactic.

As Scott Bonvissuto says, “the old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ doesn’t apply to keeping your content safe anymore.” With the rise in car thefts and car break-ins, it’s crucial to keep your possessions safe. Everyone has a story about a car break-in — either their own or from a close friend or family member. In-vehicle safes are used to protect anything that you may consistently leave in your car. 

Console Vault has been in the in-safe vehicle safety industry since 2002. They started with a center console safe design for the 2001 Hummer H2 and have expanded to provide in-vehicle safes for over 18 makes and models with different placement options. Console Vault cares about their customers and is constantly looking for feedback and how to improve. This year, they have introduced six new vehicle applications so far including: the Hyundai Palisade (2020-2023), Toyota Tundra Center Console Safe 2022+, Ford Mach-E Mustang Center Console Safe 2021+, and Toyota Venza Center Console Safe 2021+

More than just for safekeeping

In-vehicle safes not only protect your valuables, they also provide you with peace of mind. Most cars — if not all — don’t offer safety measures outside the standard alarm system. Console Vault offers options to make it suitable to you and your lifestyle. They offer vehicle applications ranging from full floor console to under the seat console, rear cargo storage, even a fold down armrest option. Console Vault caters to different makes and models, from most Ford vehicles to Tesla’s 3 and Y models. 

Scott Bonvisutto states, “I care about helping people. It’s important to me that people feel safe.” This is why Console Vault provides an option to add your make and model if you don’t see your vehicle in their drop-down list. With the launch of six new in-vehicle safes, with additional product launches on the way later this year, , it’s a clear indication that Console Vault cares about your safety and peace of mind.

As Scott Bonvissuto has mentioned, “it’s not just about safeguarding your valuables against thieves. An in-vehicle safe can also be for safeguarding your peace of mind and objects that you don’t want anyone to get their hands on.” For example, he states that many Console Vault customers use their in-vehicle safes for their firearms. “We just want to do what’s right for your customers. We value their feedback,” he adds.  

The prevalence of car thefts and smash-and-go crimes has increased since the pandemic, and it doesn’t seem it’s slowing down anytime soon. There are ways to prevent your car from becoming a statistic. For example, you can — at minimum — have an alarm system. You can also add a dash cam, a steering wheel lock, and of course, an in-vehicle safe. These safety measures are not over the top, nor are they all you can do, but they help you sleep a little better at night and protect any and all valuables from a smash-and-go crime. 


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