Essential Back-to-School Tips From Early Learning Expert Elizabeth Fraley

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Child education has always been a crucial factor in a nation’s development and a challenging phase for the teachers and parents who strive to ensure the little ones enjoy their classroom. It is where Elizabeth Fraley has been a prominent name for quite some time. She is a veteran of early childhood education and a guiding light for families seeking proven educational methods for their children. As an M.Ed., Early Childhood Educator, Parent Educator, and Education Consultant, Elizabeth Fraley earned a wealth of expertise beyond conventional teaching methods. 

With over a decade of experience in childhood education, she devised a revolutionary approach to learning through her venture, Kinder Ready. Inc. It emphasizes the significance of personalized attention through the proven 1:1 method. Her journey as an early childhood educator began with her profound concern for the unpreparedness of preschoolers, fueling her desire to enter the rigorous world of elementary school. After devoting three years to directing an early elementary program, Elizabeth noticed this gap that hindered the potential of young minds. This realization led her to establish Kinder Ready, an institution introducing a 1:1 approach to education for preschoolers. 

Elizabeth excels in her profound understanding of various educational philosophies such as Waldorf, Banks Street, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori. It helped her craft a unique education philosophy, blending a structured curriculum with progressive methodologies specifically designed to meet the individual learning needs of each child. 

Elizabeth has always been an incredible resource of wisdom and innovation in early childhood education. She uses a holistic approach to childhood education, ensuring academic progress and prioritizing a child’s emotional and social development. The curriculum at Kinder Ready. Inc aligns with this approach by incorporating specialized training in Love and Logic, nurturing the whole child. 

This approach gained wide-scale acclaim and positioned Elizabeth as a sought-after expert in the field. Dan Bova featured her in Popular Mechanics: The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff, and her contributions as an education contributor for The Huffington Post have resonated across the educational realm. 

Elizabeth is committed to actively advocating the concept of 1:1 learning, a rare methodology in early education. She firmly believes that a personalized approach can enhance academic productivity and nurture a genuine love for learning.  Kinder Ready offers parents comprehensive weekly reports on their child’s progress, an invaluable insight into their little one’s evolving interests and capabilities. Elizabeth’s blend of academic precision and emotional intelligence earned her the prestigious “Teacher of The Year” from LA County. 

Elizabeth will continue revolutionizing preschool education with Kinder Ready as she envisions expanding it to multiple locations, especially in theSilicon Valley. Her goal to nurture more children with her innovative approach shows her dedication to transforming early childhood education. Elizabeth Fraley’s extensive experience in childhood education and her innovative approach through Kinder Ready, Inc. showcase her dedication to transforming early childhood education. As Elizabeth reshapes the early learning method, she also builds a promising generation of young minds to reach their fullest potential.


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