E.Z. Smith IV Uses an Effective Coaching System to Help Businesses Achieve 100% Profitability

A lot of businesses today thrive because they sought help from experts on how to elevate their brands. Seeking coaching services from experts can range from evaluating existing systems to customizing a concrete plan of action that will guarantee results. Seasoned entrepreneur and business coach E.Z. Smith IV is sharing his one-of-a-kind coaching system developed especially to help business level up through his company, EZ4 Coaching Systems. 

“Over the past decade of being a business owner, I have seen so many shifts in advertising, marketing & client acquisition tactics,” Smith explains. “The one thing that has always worked for me in creating seven-figure businesses is organic client acquisition using social proof and high ticket sales as our main vehicle to massive profitability,” he adds.

To date, Smith’s coaching system has been instrumental in creating more than 285 six-figure entrepreneurs and five seven-figure companies. He personally developed these systems that include Social Media Platform Testing, $0 Ad Spend Marketing, $0 Client Acquisition Cost, $0 Lead Nurture Systems, High Ticket Sales Training, Turnkey Fulfilment Systems, and Scalability Format for all industries. 

While the competition in the market today may be tough, Smith remains confident that his results will speak for his valuable services. At the end of the day, results are achieved by employing pragmatic strategies, and if there is anything that Smith can do with his eyes closed, it is strategizing for his clients. 

“I separate myself from others in our competing space by focusing our client’s efforts on how to actually save money while creating massive profitability instead of spending thousands of dollars on ads and marketing a month only to have 30-40% profit margins. With my system, profit margins are skyrocketed to 95%+ on new clients & 100% profit margins on retaining existing clients. These two factors alone create an average of $123,000 in increased profitability annually for our clients,” Smith reveals. 

The four pillars of EZ4 Coaching Systems are health, business, accountability, and effort. Smith is not only focused on business success, but he is also deeply committed to helping his clients achieve health success. His company offers customized workouts and nutrition coaching for all body types. Personal accountability is also something that he is very keen on. As a coach, he commits to track his clients’ progress. He also makes sure that they stay motivated and adopt a plan that will ensure their success. All that clients need to do in return is to give their best effort on a daily basis for all these pillars to work together. 

Smith believes that achieving success by working closely with others is a lot sweeter than reaching it alone. All his clients achieved success because they opened themselves to the beauty of personal coaching and being accountable to another person. His clients get the ample support they need in order to get things done effectively. With his impressive track record as an entrepreneur and personal coach, more and more business people will get the right kind of help for them to scale their businesses. 

Find out more about E.Z. Smith IV and EZ4 Coaching Systems by visiting this website. Follow Smith on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 


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