Drastically Increase K.A.S.H. Flow with Financial Strategist Doug Andrew

When businesses worry about capital, they are apprehensive about money. Without money, companies cannot operate or be created. Likewise, the most pressing type of issue in the day-to-day lives of ordinary people is money.

But where does the money come from? Most people believe it simply takes getting a job to generate cash flow, which is why money problems are so prevalent. In most cases, it is information that holds families, individuals, and businesses back from obtaining cash.

As Founder and CEO of 3 Dimensional Wealth Doug Andrew, a financial strategist and expert, wisely puts it, “The secret to getting cash is K.A.S.H.”In addition to the vast financial knowledge he shares, this alternative approach to the conversation around money is one of the many reasons why Andrew is regarded as, ‘The Godfather of IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance)’. 

Finances start from the family on up. Andrew’s way of aiding families with finances, via 3 Dimensional Wealth, is first through clarifying and bolstering family values and ideals, in addition to directly confronting explicit money issues. 

What is K.A.S.H.?

According to Andrew, “K.A.S.H. stands for Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, and Habits.” He believes that, without these four pillars, success will be difficult to accomplish, in regard to the first two dimensions of wealth, Foundational and Intellectual. When one finds that harmonious balance between cash flows and K.A.S.H., they reach what Andrew calls, the ‘Financial Dimension’.With over five decades of financial experience, this New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller knows a thing or two about knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits. 

Andrew’s career has solely been dedicated to empowering his clients with K.A.S.H. during this long duration. 

“I firmly believe that CASH without any K.A.S.H. is unfulfilling,” he said. “With this approach, you want to establish a record of the values that matter to you. This way, not only will you improve cash flows, but you’ll also have a genuinely positive impact on others for generations to come.” 

Specifically, Andrew is focused on empowering families with the knowledge and ability to apply it to achieve financial freedom. 

Family Cash through K.A.S.H. 

The first lesson of personal and business finances is that all transactions must be made with a dose of personal responsibility. You must hold yourself accountable for your exchanges to achieve financial freedom. 

Worse, if self-accountability is lacking, this will trickle through the generations by osmosis, preventing generational wealth accumulation within families.

That is why, when Andrew works with families on various financial strategies, he doesn’t approach it first by directly talking about the money. Instead, he will start by helping families clarify their values to obtain a coherent and positive sense of their path forward in all dimensions of life.

“Establishing your family’s Legacy Bank is one of the first and most important strategies for developing a financial legacy,” he said. “It can help you create a living trust so you can do more than entitle your children–you can elevate and empower them.”

Andrew helps families create their legacy bank, a virtual exchange place where families can share their K.A.S.H. Financial strategizing can be optimized through family communication. Everything good and bad in life starts at the family level, including finances. 

Andrew’s books include Missed Fortune 101, The Last Chance Millionaire, and Entitlement Abolition, which all deal with helping families, individuals, and businesses get cash by utilizing the K.A.S.H. method.

A family man himself, both of Andrew’s sons have used these powerful life lessons to not only generate more cash but pass on K.A.S.H. to their children as well.

About Doug Andrew

Doug Andrew, Founder & CEO of 3 Dimensional Wealth, provides a holistic program that helps individuals and families create financial, foundational, and intellectual abundance. He has more than five decades of experience in the financial sector and is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. The radio and television personality also has a high-performing YouTube channel. For more information please visit www.3dimensionalwealth.com


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