Dr. Roby Mitchell, the Health Expert and Purpose-Driven Mind Behind the Go-To Wellness Brand I’m Powered™

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The success of a venture heavily rests on the quality of its products and services. In light of the saturated nature of today’s markets and the inundation of products offering to be the next holy grail, this has never been made more apparent. However, as critical to the rise of a company are the minds standing at its helm, as evidenced by the countless number of establishments that have failed to gain any traction in their respective industries because of a lack of vision on their founders’ end, as well as their inability to bring considerable value to the table. I’m Powered™, a wellness brand that aims to journey with people toward a healthier future, tells a different story. Launched by the late Roby Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D. this go-to provider of quality products has managed to build a reputation and secure a coveted position in the wellness space not only for its signature offerings but also for the awe-inspiring drive of its founder to exceed standards and go beyond expectations. 

Operating under the overarching goal to empower others to take personal responsibility for the transformation of their own health, I’m Powered™ continues to carry out the mission and legacy of Dr. Roby Mitchell. Better known as Dr. Fitt®, the well-respected veteran and CEO made his mark in the wellness space while armed with a portfolio that not only speaks of his expertise and acumen but also of his passion for helping people lead healthier lives. 

A Marine veteran, Dr. Mitchell graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine and also received his doctorate degree in Pharmacology. While attending Texas Tech, he had the honor of being the first student ever to be selected to an exchange program with the School of Medicine at Jinan University in China where he deepened his understanding of the human body and acquired knowledge about different approaches to treating maladies, such as acupuncture and other Eastern medicine techniques. 

Dr. Mitchell also studied intensive care and emergency medicine at the University of Alberta. Eventually he settled into private practice in Amarillo, Texas and began his journey as Dr. Fitt®. At the height of his career as a practicing physician, it was no surprise when he was invited to practice at the prestigious Tahoma Clinic, the nation’s premier nutritional medicine clinic. 

In his early years as a practicing physician, Dr. Mitchell, like millions of people from all walks of life, began to experience  some health issues, and it would be his experience dealing with these problems that ignited his desire to create alternative approaches to health and wellness. During his 30s, Dr. Mitchell developed high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. After treating his illnesses using conventional medicine and suffering from adverse reactions, he was inspired to research natural ways to address common Western diseases.

Guided by his personal journey to regain his own health and his commitment to help others achieve true health and wellness, Dr. Mitchell founded PYR Less Group, LLC, in 2008. As its president and CEO, he spearheaded the development of a line of products  that aligned  with his Intelligent Design model for optimal health.  Moreover, he created an expansive grassroots movement by teaching his Intelligent Design Model for wellness and sharing principles and protocols that lead to true health.  He taught, “If you were not born with it, you do not have to keep it!”

In addition to his years of research, education and creation of a product line, Dr. Mitchell developed the BALi Eating Plan®. This powerful eating plan was inspired by years of Dr. Mitchell’s research on the healing properties contained within whole foods and his firm belief in letting “food be thy medicine.” Dr. Mitchell famously asserted, “You will never medicate your way out of diseases you behave yourself into.” 

Dr. Roby Mitchell passed away in December 2020, but his mark is ineradicable. PYR Less Group, LLC, which is now owned by Christy McCord and Susan Bailey, MSN, FNP-C, remains an advocate of proper nutrition and natural solutions through its operations as I’m Powered™. 

Highly trusted, especially by athletes and health enthusiasts, I’m Powered™ provides a top-notch selection of products designed to help people not only avoid getting sick but also thrive. All of its offerings, with the exception of its imported Black Cumin Seed Oil, are manufactured in the United States, and many of its formulas are proprietary in nature. In the years to come, I’m Powered™ is expected to deliver more products that are crafted with Dr. Mitchell’s philosophies and signature approach to health and wellness in mind.


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