Dr. Anthony Giannoumis: Igniting a Spark of Inclusive Leadership Around The World

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis: Igniting a Spark of Inclusive Leadership Around The World
Photo Credit: Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

The world is on a major push for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The problem is that this topic comes with a lot to unpack. With inherent bias and a misunderstanding of the term, many can simply push it to the side or openly oppose it. This, unfortunately, is the norm any time there is a demand for meaningful societal change. Whether about gender equality, minority opportunities, religious beliefs, or other differences, there is a lot of ground to cover in the realm of inclusion – particularly in the workplace. That’s where Dr. Giannoumis has stepped up to fill the gap.  

American by birth and Norwegian by choice, Dr. Giannoumis has made it his life mission to ignite the spark of inclusive leadership in others. With a  broad background as a computer programmer and opera singer to a professor and motivational speaker, his journey is as diverse as the messages he shares. Here’s his story.

Looking For Greater Fulfillment In Life

Dr. Giannoumis’s first job in the financial industry left him disillusioned, yearning for a career transcending self-serving goals. “Every day, I grew more disillusioned with my work. I yearned for a purpose that transcended serving a corporate agenda,” he reflects. This restlessness propelled him toward academia, leading to eye-opening encounters, which he describes as “a wake-up call to the kind of impact I wanted to have in the world.” These experiences culminated in his role at a Norwegian university, where he had a personal eye-opening encounter with a student who confronted him about his teaching methods. “She listed everything I did wrong that day. It was tough to hear, but it opened my eyes. I realized that leadership is as much about listening as it is about guiding,” he shares.

This incident led to a fruitful collaboration with the brave student that turned into a €1.7 million project, launching startup companies led by women around the world.

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis: Igniting a Spark of Inclusive Leadership Around The World
Photo Credit: Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

Three Inclusive Leadership Tips from Dr. Giannoumis

For Dr. Giannoumis, inclusion is much simpler than most make it. In his keynote speeches, he focuses on keeping simple ideas and examining them with relatable stories. Here are three actionable items that he believes can start to shift the needle significantly on the idea of inclusion. 

  1. Shut Up So They Don’t Shut Down: Dr. Giannoumis stresses the importance of dismantling systemic power structures. He advises, “Listen more than you speak. It’s essential to break down the barriers of white male supremacy that are deeply entrenched in our society.”

  2. See the Full Humanity of Your Team: “Don’t sanitize your workplace. Recognize and celebrate the diverse experiences of your team. It’s about acknowledging our differences and understanding that these experiences shape our worldviews,” he asserts.

  3. One Size Fits One: He advocates for personalized approaches, saying, “Inclusion is not about a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s about understanding and catering to individual needs, which benefits everyone.”

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His recently launched book, “The Sins and Wins of Inclusive Leadership,” presents complex ideas in an accessible format, echoing his philosophy that simplicity and understanding are key to embracing inclusion.

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