Dontae Ivory’s Impact Grows in the Music and Sports Entertainment

Dontae Ivory's Impact Grows in the Music and Sports Entertainment
Photo Courtesy: Dontae Ivory

By: Mae Cornes

Dontae Ivory regularly participates in major American events such as the Super Bowl and the Rose Parades. Through his involvement, he effectively combines aspects of music, sports, and sociopolitical topics, enhancing these events by adding layers of cultural depth and relevance. His contributions help to improve the experience for attendees and viewers, making each event a celebration and reflection of contemporary societal themes.

During The 2022 Pepsi Super Bowl 56 The Show. Ivory demonstrated his technical and logistical skills in handling the halftime show, a performance that earned an Historical Emmy Award. Assigned with applying the complex audio setups and stage arrangements, Ivory assisted with the detailed aspects of hosting well-known musicians like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J. Blige In Super Bowl 56. The next year, in 2023, Ivory would go on to be a part of The PRG lighting crew for Rihanna’s Apple Music Halftime Show. That also went onto win multiple Emmy’s. His skills facilitated the quick and flawless stage transitions, a critical factor in maintaining the continuity and quality of the live broadcast to millions of viewers, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

“The stage serves as a space for storytelling and cultural integration, providing a platform for performances that tell stories and unite different traditions,” Ivory says, talking about his thoughtful perspective that improves his technical skills.

Milestones in Creative Leadership

Dontae Ivory has a strong history that demonstrates his diverse skills. His participation in the 2019 Rose Parade showcases his ability, mainly through his essential contribution to decorating the Big Bear float. This float, which featured designs inspired by nature with bear themes, earned the Golden State Award and was well received. The positive response from viewers showed Ivory’s skill in creating attractive and creative designs.

Ivory contributed to several architectural projects, including the Las Vegas 2018 Amazing Miracle Mile Shops project. His designs were well-suited to the unique urban environment of the city known for its bright neon lights. This project showed Ivory’s skill in combining architectural and artistic elements to which attached him with such brands as Blue Moon Beer, Amazing Comic-Con, & The Boys & Girls Club of America.

Vision for the Future

Dontae Ivory plans to expand the audience for his storytelling by utilizing modern technology. He aims to connect with different audiences from various geographical and cultural backgrounds, making connections through these tools. “Technology enables us to present our stories on a global stage, making it easier to connect with audiences from different locations,” he explains. 

Ivory has built his career on consistent creativity and growing influence. He explains his view on success, saying, “My focus is on the impact that I make: connecting with individuals, sharing their stories, and shaping positive spaces.” This attitude is evident throughout his work and his aim to amplify voices.

Dontae Ivory has actively addressed social challenges by working with multiple organizations, including RocNation. His involvement in Stand to End Rape emphasizes his dedication to advocacy and the improvement of society. His recognition with a TFA Africa Tribe Award shows his commitment to these causes also to the owner of the organization. Ivory also contributed to The Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix on behalf of CAA Sports. Ivory aims to entertain, support, and uplift communities through his efforts, which contribute positively to their development.

Ivory’s recognition for his roles in event superintendence and architecture shows his essential in the industry. His understanding of how technology, art, and culture blend demonstrates a deep insight aimed at creating a more welcoming and vibrant social environment.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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