DAY IN DAY OUT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DAY IN DAY OUT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Photo Courtesy: Arpita Soni

By: Arpita Soni

Background of How AI has made way to our daily life

Artificial Intelligence is– ability of a machine to simulate human behavior as opposed to the natural intelligence depicted in humans and animals.

Lately, AI has been deep rooted in our daily lives where a person is unaware about its presence and extent in which it has percolated in everyone’s life. An individual remains ignorant of the impact it’s levying on their life. For example, when we wake up first thing, we may look into mobile to check the messages. When we switch on the device, we instantly get connected to AI life – Fingerprint recognition or Face Recognition to login.

AI has made an impact in multiple industries like Education, Biometrics, Transportation, Entertainment, Banking, Cyber Security, Navigation Systems, Data Protection etc. Let’s delve further how these tools and advancements are contributing to various sectors:

DAY IN DAY OUT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Photo Courtesy: Arpita Soni

AI within Navigation Systems Sector

In earlier days, navigation was totally dependent on the paper maps which were highly erroneous. Technology discoveries led to the building of GPS systems which assisted in more precise route identification. It is applied in marine, airways, and land navigation systems. Now with integration of AI tools and GPS systems it has provided a smarter dimension to the whole system in suggesting the optimal routes based on the user travel history using AI apps. It has the capability to predict traffic and avoid traffic jams. In addition, it shares real time warnings like weather advisory, crashes, construction zones etc.

AI within Healthcare Sector

AI is bolstering the Healthcare industry with the latest technologies which can learn, provide reasoning, adjust, predict, and implement. AI is assisting in the diagnostics and providing preventive solutions using AI tools. AI is even able to detect precise patterns now. Some examples include medical image analysis like MRI’s, CT scans, ultrasounds, X RAY etc. can be done using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. It has significant contributions in securing and maintaining patients’ medical data, history of the disease, conducts study and suggests preventive medications.

AI within Education Sector –

AI is accelerating in the education field for both students and educators.  Real life example AI identifies the difficulty of a student in learning a language and it can generate personalized writing, reading, and speaking exercises for the students. AI helps reduce the time spent preparing for class or educating students by automated homework grading and assessment, tracking performance, providing feedback, creating personalized content, creating e-learning courses, and acting as smart Tutors. Daily routines for students are generated using AI example Amazon Alexa adopted by Arizona State university to help students with daily routines.

However there exists some challenges like security and data privacy, ethics, continues education and awareness to educators.

 AI within Entertainment Sector

AI is playing a pivotal role in entertainment industry to name a few AI has integrated and generating new art piece or creating storytelling, content creation, personalization of content, gaming, Television, music and movies, visual effects, marketing and advertisements, voice recognition, usage in platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video etc. and so on.

In the fast pace changing digital era, the entertainment industry is heading towards innovation collaborated by AI power tools.  Imagine AI creates movie scripts or automatic creation of music notes for musicians or real time players adding in the games.  For example, if you login to Netflix based on your history of movies watched or searched it recommends the new movies as per your interest. Or if you login to Amazon Prime it suggest the articles for your interest in shopping thru your browsing or purchase history

 AI within Bank and Financial Services Sector

AI is trending in sectors within Banking and Financial services especially in areas like generating the prediction of patterns in fraud detection and anti-money laundering systems, aiding the business analyst in this domain to study the domain, predicting the market trends, helping underwriters for policies creation and reviews, data collections and analysis, cybersecurity, chatbots, customer experience etc. Banks are welcoming and integrating AI tools for their growth and development. Next Generation AI chatbot, Banking Apps adopted AI technologies like Biometrics – face recognition or fingerprint recognition etc.

Future of AI

AI is changing sections of modern life whether it’s healthcare or entertainment or education or navigational systems or transportation. The technology has promising advantages like enhanced accuracy and efficiency. It’s predicted these sectors will have increased usage of new technologies by 2030 to save costs and enhance their revenues.

About Author:

Arpita Soni has rich experience in the world of IT and carries two decades of experience in various domains and technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Testing. Her contribution to the work with her focused and inquisitive approach has enhanced her knowledge in technologies like AI and cloud for Quality Assurance and development.

Arpita is a great mentor and has trained various students and new joinees in the organization. In addition, Arpita Soni has been part of renowned institutes like IEEE and enriching collaboration in technological elevation.

At leisure Arpita likes to spend time cooking food for the family, exploring the unknown places and dancing.

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