David Phieler Making Americans’ Homeownership Dreams Come True as a First-Class Loan Originator

In a credit-based society like the United States of America, achieving some of life’s most important goals is not far from the average person’s reach. With loans, mortgage loans, and many other credit instruments, individuals can dream and get their dreams handed to them without necessarily struggling. One of the people in the credit world making things happen is David Phieler, an experienced loan originator with remarkable customer service as a top priority in his service delivery.

David Phieler’s work revolves around easing the mortgage loan acquisition process for people, and he particularly commits himself to going all the way out to meet his customers’ needs. He works with Pilgrim Mortgage, where quality customer care and personalized service delivery to every borrower reigns supreme. He personally makes sure borrowers have all the information they need to choose the most suitable mortgage program they need. Additionally, he believes strongly in making himself available to answer all the questions a borrower might have from the inquiry stages to the closing stage. 

He works with a team of in-house professionals at Pilgrim Mortgage, including processors and loan underwriters, and together they deliver the best full-service mortgage services. “Every member of staff is tasked with the responsibility of closing loans within three to four weeks, and our customers enjoy the best customer service throughout the process while at it,” David shared. Some of Pilgrim Mortgage’s lending options include Loans for Conventional, FHA, and USDA.

David Phieler’s success in the mortgage and loans industry can be attributed to his excellent communication skills, impeccable customer service skills, strong organizational expertise, and unmatched attention to detail. Getting into the mortgage industry was a long journey that began in other industries like the information technology services industry, where he worked in computer operations, data center management, and executive leadership for companies like EDS and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. He understands what running a successful business is like and the importance of satisfied customers to keep such a business afloat. This explains why customer service is the most important thing for him.

While he has multiple organizational and administrative experience, David Phieler also has certifications to back those experiences up. He has a certificate of completion in data processing from the C.A. Prosser Institute Vocational School, New Albany, Indiana, and completed Leadership: The Art of Influence Program at the London Business School. He also underwent the executive program at the University of Michigan. These qualifications have made him stand out in the league of mortgage professionals. In addition, the knowledge and network he built from the educational experience have continued to come in handy for him.

Beyond being an excellent professional, David Phieler has built an excellent private life with his wife, Karen, who he married in 1982 and now has three children and three grandchildren. When David isn’t working, he’s spending time with his family or enjoying a game of basketball. 

His goals for the next few years are to be out there more, helping people with suitable mortgage solutions and advising them appropriately on the best steps to take to acquire their dream homes.


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