Christie Shaffer – Going to great lengths to make a name for herself in the adult industry

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It goes without saying that the adult industry gives an entirely different appeal from the outside. However, it is a completely different experience inside. Over the years, many myths have been attached to the adult industry. The most talked about myth is that the adult industry is a quick way to make big-time money in a short span of time. However, it is partially true for those with exceptional talent and passion for the job. Working in the adult industry is not easy, and those who have worked in it from scratch to the top know what it is like to work for the most stigmatized industry and the challenges that come with it. The adult industry is the most demanding industry, both physically and mentally. Put simply, the adult industry has been around for a long time. It is open to people with talent from different other fields. 

The adult industry attracts people from all walks of life, including nurses. One such example of a nurse is the author of How to make it in the Adult Industry,  Christie Shaffer. Prior to entering the adult industry, Shaffer worked as a Registered Nurse for thirteen years. Her journey in the adult industry was not as pleasing as many people think it is for any male or female looking to join the industry. Upon embarking on this new chapter of her life, Shaffer’s experience as a nurse and working in different capacities and environments helped her build a positive image of herself and interact with various personality types and individuals. 

During her time working as a nurse, Shaffer learned to fulfill the requirements of multiple stakeholders, including patients, their families, physicians, and other healthcare workers. Shaffer put herself to the test and decided to push herself to the limit and establish her name in the adult industry. Despite the challenges, her previous experience as a nurse helped her cement her place in the adult industry. 

Shaffer’s difficult road finally led to owning two popular pornographic websites and twelve years of job experience. She works with regular locals, recording one or two sequences and those from agencies trying to get into this sector. Her two pornographic websites are well-known and have a large audience. She is not just a producer but also a mentor. The difficulties Shaffer had after transitioning to this field now serve as an excellent method for her to assist newcomers. She thinks that success is the right of every human being, and her work in this area demonstrates this.

Christie Shaffer penned Porn Star Handbook: How to Make It in the Adult Business, a book about prospering in the porn industry. Shaffer considered writing the book after understanding that most people who work in the adult entertainment sector suffer difficulties owing to a lack of advice and assistance. The book offers simple guidelines to help porn actors flourish on set and beyond. Shaffer wrote this advice based on her own job experience, so it is well-suited to the actual world of porn. Shaffer, like nearly all novices to the porn business, encountered difficulties because she lacked access to a mentor or adviser. Yet, the director assisted her in breaking into the industry she had worked in for twelve years.

She emphasizes in her book the importance of deep thought processes for people pursuing a profession in this sector. She advises young and established performers and professionals in the porn business, sharing ideas and viewpoints obtained from working in the industry for over a decade. The book also contains principles that a porn star must follow to be a successful porn star. The author explains the basic daily routines that might help performers define themselves as enthusiastic and appealing to agencies. 

In a nutshell, Christie Shaffer sets a good example of someone who dived into an industry she had no knowledge of, yet she made her way out. Her life can be broken into two parts based on her career as a nurse and an adult actress. Based on the challenges she faced during her early days in the industry, Shaffer has devoted herself to being the beacon of life for the upcoming generation willing to pursue their career in the adult industry. 


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