A Visionary Journey Through Education and Community Building

Christel Guillen: Education and Community Building
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Christel Guillen’s journey back to Washington DC marks a significant personal and professional milestone. It has been three years since her last visit to a city where she spent a formative fourteen years. This trip is not just a homecoming; it also introduces her infant son, Romeo, to the world of travel. Behind this seemingly simple travel plan lies a story of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of impactful education through community building.

The Evolution of a Modern Educator

Christel’s educational career began in 2007 when she embarked on a fellowship that intertwined her teaching responsibilities with pursuing a master’s degree. This opportunity led her to work in an inner city school in DC, where she dedicated a decade, including roles as a special education teacher and later as a teacher trainer and supervisor. Her experience in the educational system, however, unveiled its limitations, prompting a career shift in 2017. She left the conventional school system, driven by a conviction that the change she desired couldn’t thrive within its confines.

Pioneering Bliss House

Transitioning from education to entrepreneurship, Christel founded Bliss House, a bed and breakfast that doubled as a wellness and creativity hub. This venture combined healthy living, meditation, yoga, and co-working spaces for artists, encapsulating a holistic approach to community and personal well-being. The initiative became a cornerstone for Christel, highlighting the synergy between community building and personal development, particularly evident during its popular Hump Day Social events.

Adversity and Adaptation

The subsequent years brought significant personal challenges for Christel, including a painful divorce that culminated in her relocating to Miami in 2019. Yet, adversity didn’t stall her progress. In 2020, she secured a major contract with a middle school in DC, which quickly pivoted to virtual learning due to the pandemic. This shift deepened her involvement in virtual community building and education, a theme that continued to define her career trajectory.

Launching OCC University

In the aftermath of profound personal loss and amidst navigating new motherhood, Christel discovered the potential of live social audio platforms to foster real-time learning and community engagement. Her initial success on Clubhouse and other platforms culminated in the creation of the One Click Course Creator using the AIPRM chrome extension, a tool that revolutionized online course creation by enhancing user engagement and completion rates.

Recognizing the transformative power of technology in education, Christel founded OCC University, a virtual learning and wellness hub operational 24/7. This platform embodies her vision of accessible, personalized, and engaging education. It operates on core values that advocate for collaborative and playful learning experiences that ensure retention and practical application of knowledge.

Empowering EduCreators

The concept of an EduCreator, as Christel defines, is someone who builds a community of loyal followers and monetizes their expertise through sophisticated technology. This approach has not only expanded her own community but also set a precedent for educators and entrepreneurs to harness technology for educational purposes. Today, OCC University serves as a beacon for aspiring EduCreators, offering a space where knowledge, technology, and community intersect to foster continuous learning and growth.

Looking Ahead

With 300 active students, 26 founding EduCreators, and a growing team of mentors, OCC University is poised to expand its impact. The platform is particularly focused on onboarding parents, educators, and entrepreneurs into the realm of advanced technology, ensuring a safe and nurturing learning environment. The journey of Christel and her innovative educational model is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of meaningful impact.

Through her story, Christel demonstrates that the challenges and transitions of life, while often daunting, are also opportunities for growth and innovation. Her return to DC is not just a physical journey but a reflective milestone on a path that continues to evolve and inspire.


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