CEO Spotlight: Step inside JORVINCI with Founder and CEO Jordan Fife

Netizens and fashion enthusiasts don’t need to be British to be familiar with JORVINCI. The brand has been synonymous with opulent and understated luxury at fair pricing in the last twelve months. Jordan Fife, CEO of JORVINCI, teases that his vision for the fashion company will not be fully revealed until 15 November 2022. However, he has strongly indicated where JORVINCI is headed, building up to the summer of 2023.

The Future Looks Bright

Fife has disclosed the timeline of what the next eight months will look like for the brand enough to keep fashion enthusiasts excited and guessing. He shared several projects, making fans and consumers anticipate what’s to come. 

The brand will be launching its womenswear collection ‘JORVINCI LOVE’ in early 2023, as well as its new cosmetics and fragrance line, ‘JORVINCI beauty’, slated for Valentine’s Day release. These announcements come at the heels of the previously announced Des Powell’s Alpha Collection and Corp Club Capsule, which are set to launch at the tail end of 2022. 

Fife shares that the company is looking to make a statement and take the fashion industry by storm, with the company reaching great heights over the last year. The brand shows no signs of slowing down soon after its recent success in consumer expansion and a beneficial financial boost attributed to increased demand and popularity of its products. This growth has aligned perfectly with their ongoing plans to overhaul their commercial offer, expand into e-commerce, and invest in spectacular visuals and materials fuelled by outstanding and effective marketing. The best is yet to come for JORVINCI, shares Fife. 

Fife concluded his statement by announcing the brand’s planned expansion into the music and entertainment sectors for 2023. He has not disclosed any specific celebrity endorsements but has assured that they will be revealed in the coming year. Fife shares that plans have been set in motion with its parent company, JORVINCI GROUP, which operates under HILIFE GROUP. The fashion house will work closely with the HILIFE MUSIC GROUP on projects in line with their upcoming 15th anniversary.


JORVINCI is a luxury fashion house that maintains its reputation in the fashion, entertainment, and luxury lifestyle sectors for high quality, fair pricing, and excellent customer experience. The brand is well-known for its environmentally friendly approach to fashion and constant innovation.

The British fashion house specializes in luxury bags, leather goods, ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics. 

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