Can WhipSmart Unlock Australia’s Electric Vehicle Potential?

Can WhipSmart Unlock Australia's Electric Vehicle Potential?
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By: Mae Cornes

Sydney, Australia, April 2024 — A transformation is unfolding across Australia. The quiet hum of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is filling the streets, and they are only increasing in popularity. Leading the movement is WhipSmart, a platform that aims to make buying, owning and upgrading an EV as easy as it is to do with a mobile phone.

WhipSmart CEO Tim Brown aims to transform how Australians commute. The company is only new, having launched officially at the Everything Electric Australia Show in February 2024 at Sydney Showgrounds (Sydney Olympic Park). However, despite its fresh status, the company is already challenging some of the big players in the market with an offering that is difficult to ignore.

Changing the Novated Lease Industry

WhipSmart’s incredible approach to EV leasing, which includes novated leasing, is turning heads nationwide. For employees on a salary, this model involves bundling all vehicle-related costs into a single monthly payment, which is deducted from the lessee’s pre-tax salary. The benefits are twofold: first, it simplifies the leasing process; second, it offers significant tax savings.

In 2023, the demand for EVs and the interest in novated leasing options surged, driven by environmental awareness, technological advancements, and favorable government policies. Last year, EVs captured just under 10% of the total vehicle sales, and in 2024, that figure is expected to double to nearly 20%. WhipSmart is supporting this growth in EVs with a strategic approach that leverages tax benefits for individuals of up to $50,000 on EVs newer than July 2022, positioning the company advantageously within this expanding market.

For sole traders, business owners, or companies, WhipSmart also has an attractive finance and fleet management offering on the same platform and can cater to any finance requirements. It also allows businesses to buy their own vehicles with cash if preferred.

WhipSmart will shortly launch its freemium option for businesses and consumers, where they can place existing vehicles and other assets into its management platform at no cost. This will allow people to become familiar with the WhipSmart platform and use it to put money away each month for vehicle costs such as insurance, tires, maintenance, and electricity/fuel. Then, they will have those costs already covered when required.

This model allows customers to use WhipSmart’s asset management tool at no cost, with access to features for managing vehicle expenses and receiving personalized recommendations on optimal times for vehicle upgrades. WhipSmart users will also benefit from being part of the buying group and receiving discounts on products and services.

In a departure from its competitors, WhipSmart is one of the few companies actively promoting leasing and finance options for new, as well as secondhand, EVs to allow the adoption of EVs no matter the budget.

At WhipSmart, we want to make EVs accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few. We believe that by simplifying the leasing process, offering significant tax benefits, and promoting access to pre-owned vehicles, we can help more people switch to a more sustainable mode of transportation,” Tim Brown said. 

Offering More Than Electric Vehicles

As the platform strives to make EV ownership more accessible, it faces a significant challenge in convincing skeptics that EVs are a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuel vehicles. “There’s still a lot of misinformation out there about EVs,” Brown admitted. “We’re working hard to debunk these myths and educate the public about the benefits of electric mobility. In particular, we want prospective owners to know that modern EVs have next to no actual range anxiety issues, that much of the charging power comes from renewable sources and that the consensus from reputable research is that they are significantly better for the environment.

The company’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets it apart in a competitive industry. “We’re not just leasing EVs. We’re offering a lifestyle choice,” Brown stated. “We firmly believe in a customer-first business approach and making EV ownership simple, transparent, and financially advantageous. By doing this, we can help accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation in Australia.

Although focused on EVs, WhipSmart is taking a flexible stance on vehicle offerings to address consumer concerns and broaden its appeal. Recognizing that the ideal vehicle option varies by individual circumstances, the company encourages customers to choose sustainable cars as much as possible. In some cases, the great choice might not be an EV due to geographical or infrastructural limitations. 

Moreover, WhipSmart is innovating the car ownership experience. Customers can select vehicles directly through WhipSmart’s platform, which provides financing options to facilitate this process. 

But the innovation continues beyond there. The company plans to expand beyond just vehicles to any home or business asset, where the upfront cost and maintenance requirements will be able to be managed within the platform and paid for with one simple monthly fee, which will go towards covering any finance on the asset as well as preparing for future maintenance needs. 

How WhipSmart is Driving Change 

The company’s innovative approach and Australia’s evolving automotive landscape present a unique opportunity. As WhipSmart gears up for its next phase, the question is whether Australia will embrace this more sustainable future.

Ultimately, WhipSmart’s journey is more than just leasing and offering services to electric and non-electric vehicles. It signifies a greener future for mobility in Australia, spearheading the transformation and unlocking the opportunities EVs present.

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