Bedros Keuilian Shares His Proven Methods for Gaining Physical, Financial, and Mental Freedom

Many individuals trust apps, fads, and internet searches to guide them to the six-pack of their dreams, but true change isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Lasting results are seen on an individual level, as everyone has their own unique physical, mental, and financial challenges. This is where Bedros Keuilian stands out for his proven knowledge, the potency of his programs, and his ability to connect with and relate to his students on an individual level.

Businessman Bedros Keuilian is a prime example of someone who fought for and now lives the American Dream. Bedros is a serial entrepreneur and investor in more than a dozen market-dominating brands and businesses. He established Fit Body Boot Camp, recognized three times by Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine as one of the 100 franchise companies with the fastest global growth. He created the Squire Program, Modern Day Knight Project, and Battle Ready Fitness and Fat Loss Program as platforms that assist men in redefining their voice and rediscovering their masculinity. Bedros is also the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book ‘Man Up: How to Cut the BS and Dominate in Business and Life’.

In his quest for freedom, opportunity, and a better life, Bedros’s father decided to leave Soviet Armenia and take his family to the United States of America. As a foreigner, Bedros grew up having to cope with worrying about his next meal and communicating in broken English to his classmates. With all of the pressures on him to perform, he developed skewed views of his self-esteem and confidence due to his poor mental and physical health. After recognizing that fitness was the key to increased self-assurance and respect, Bedros began committed to leaving his adequate life behind to achieve his wildest dreams.

His life experiences became the basis for the brand he built into an empire. He developed a burning desire to help others find themselves and be the most confident person possible. He wanted to inspire audiences all over the globe to liberate themselves and reach their full potential; Bedros uses the stage, television, social media, his podcast, and blog to educate mass audiences on reaching their full potential. Trending right now in the fitness industry is his new podcast which is educating his audiences about tips and tricks that can help them grow into better versions of themselves. Additionally, Bedros recognized the value of promoting this time-tested path to physical health and a good perspective.

His seven businesses are unique in emphasizing self-growth, the higher self, fitness, personal development, business development, and coaching. The aspect of his work that he enjoys the most is helping people improve so that they might one day reach their personal summit and continue the ripple effect of making a change in others’ lives.

“And so all of my businesses, all seven of my companies, revolve around the development of self, of the higher self, and through either fitness, through personal development, through business development and coaching. And what I love most about it is no matter if you’re helping people make money or lose weight or just redefine their identity, you’re helping them become higher versions of themselves, and they can’t help but become that pebble that ends up creating that ripple in the lake and they go on impacting others,” he said.

As a veteran businessman, he understood that a company’s success is a function of its people, procedures, and product. To Bedros, having a fantastic product, a reliable method to reproduce the customer experience, and wonderful people to support you would help you thrive in business.

As he expands his network and clientele, Bedros plans to provide his services to individuals from all socioeconomic levels. He has found surefire ways to help anyone achieve their dreams and make them a reality.


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