From Engineer to Group CEO of a Real Estate Firm in Dubai

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As businesses seek to tackle the ever-increasing complexities of running a successful operation, engineers have found themselves at the forefront of many companies.

With technological advancements, the qualifications to be a successful CEO have shifted. A study at Harvard Business Review back in 2018 highlighted an emerging new trend in our world. Most of the top-performing 100 global CEOs had engineering degrees rather than MBAs – due largely in part to their ability to understand and process enormous reams of data and analytics, which is surging as an essential trait for business leaders today like Google’s Larry Page, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Apple’s Tim Cook, who all possess both an MBA as well as a graduate engineering degree. 

With their strong engineering backgrounds and analytical approach, CEOs with technical expertise possess the knowledge to make well-informed decisions regarding how businesses should run. Their creativity enables them to discover novel solutions for difficult challenges that non-technical leaders may not consider. But this domain of competence is only half of an engineer’s capability—they also have excellent communication skills, which are essential in leading teams and conveying complex concepts to those without a deeper understanding of technology. 

This pattern is becoming increasingly widespread as companies understand the incredible value that technical knowledge can bring to their business strategies and decision-making processes. 

Reaching New Heights  

One such individual who has solidified his position as a leader in the Middle East’s real estate market is Engineer Adham Younis, the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of D&B Properties, a top real estate brokerage in Dubai. 

Adham Younis has been leading D&B Properties since 2020, and under his leadership, the company has achieved tremendous success – becoming the number one real estate agency in Dubai this year with renowned international developers like Emaar and Nakheel. 

He comes to the table with ten years of experience in driving profitability and controlling costs, as well as showing exemplary management ability. He has developed formidable expertise in Dubai’s real estate sector and investment options – a feat that is consistently recognized by his peers for its strategic leadership excellence. 

The Group CEO is a highly successful and experienced leader in the UAE’s real estate market. His many years of experience living in Dubai, combined with his Middle Eastern background and knowledge of the culture and vision of the country, has enabled him to create strong relationships with customers, as well as spearhead innovative projects that have revolutionized the industry. 

Good Leadership is Instrumental to Success  

So, what does this mean for the future of business leadership? It’s likely that we will continue to see more engineers in CEO roles, particularly in industries that are heavily reliant on technology and innovation. However, it’s important to note that there are many paths to leadership and that technical skills alone are not enough to be a successful CEO. Soft skills like communication, empathy, and strategic thinking are also critical for effective leadership. 

Adham Younis
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As for Engineer Adham Younis, his background in engineering and his experience leading technology-driven companies have prepared him well for his role as Group CEO of D&B Properties in Dubai. 

Under his leadership, the company has continued to innovate and grow, expanding its portfolio of properties and strengthening its position in the market. With the growing importance of technology in the real estate industry, it’s clear that Younis is well-positioned to lead D&B Properties to continued success in the years ahead. 

He has been instrumental in the company’s growth since its inception in 2017 by leveraging his engineering background to improve efficiency and operations in all departments. In 2020, under Younis’ leadership, D&B Properties underwent a comprehensive re-branding initiative to further position itself as a top player within the market. 

His commitment and passion for delivering quality products to Dubai’s investors and homeowners have consistently contributed to the success of the company over the years. Younis is an inspiring leader who understands the importance of embracing change while staying true to core values like excellent customer service and transparency. His vision for D&B will continue to take them forward into even more success in 2023 and beyond. 

About D&B Properties 

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the UAE Real Estate market spanning nearly a decade, D&B Properties has established itself as a renowned and award-winning firm, emerging as one of the foremost brokerage companies in Dubai. Their success is marked by the satisfaction of their esteemed clients and the significant milestones achieved since their inception in 2015. D&B Properties has been consistently recognized as the ‘Top Broker of Emaar’ for four consecutive years, forging premium collaborations with leading developers, including Emaar, Nakheel, Dubai Properties, DAMAC, and SOBHA, as well as esteemed listing platforms such as houza, Bayut, Property Finder, and Yalla Deals.

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