To manage his mother’s chronic pain, Vish Hirani founded Orion CBD and created his first product ArcticEase Salve, a successful alternative health product for pain management

There are many reasons why lots of people require strong pain medication– whether it may be an elderly or adult needing to ease their arthritic pain or athletes who were injured and need recovery. But these pain medications, especially if taken in large amounts, have negative long-term effects on one’s body, including the liver and kidneys. This is why Vish Hirani, one of the two founders of Orion CBD, created their very first product– to manage his mother’s arthritic pain without compromising her liver, which came out positively effective.

To ease the pain of his mother’s arthritis without risking her internal organs, Vish invented Arctic Ease Salve. This salve was the very first product of Orion CBD that is now available in the market. During the creation of Arctic Ease Salve, Vish decided to keep it a secret from his mother to ensure an honest and unbiased opinion about the product. His mother tried Arctic Ease Salve, thinking that it was created by Vish’s friend. Fortunately, the product made her pain much more bearable and comfortable. More than most pain management medications his mother tried for over 20 years, Arctic Ease Salve turned out to be the most effective. 

Today, cannabidiol or mostly known as CBD is a fast-growing industry. Over the years, many companies offering CBD products were established, making its health benefits become more widely known around the world. Although this is the case and the market for the said type of product is continuously growing, not all formulas are the same. Orion CBD carefully crafted their products to ensure that the customers and users get the highest quality CBD in the market. Fueled by first-hand and personal experiences, Vish Hirani and Rita Hirani makes sure to deliver products that will holistically benefit their consumers. 

Every batch of Orion CBD products undergoes multiple rounds of strict third-party lab tests to ensure that their products have the accurate dosage and potency. In this way, they ensure both the effectiveness and safety of Orion CBD. Through these lab tests, they make sure that the products have zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), no pesticides, no heavy metals, and no harmful bacteria to fully secure their safety. These thorough inspections and tests are constant parts of the company’s production and are done on a regular basis to ensure the well-being of their customers and the quality of the products that they put out in public.

With the company’s mission: “Empower Your Health,” Orion CBD makes sure to be able to do it with the pursuit of relief and better living through the aid of their products. The products that Orion CBD offers are founded on transparency, quality, and efficacy to ensure the wellness of its users— which includes the company’s founders themselves.

Since the company’s launch in 2019, Orion CBD has made a huge difference in their customers’ lives through their handcrafted, lab-tested, plant-based produce. Orion CBD also takes pride in their all-natural CBD and cruelty-free products. You can visit their website where you can also purchase and know more about Orion CBD.


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