Shakir Hammadi on Revolutionizing Sports and Fashion with Brand Jersey Nation

In the sports world, jerseys are symbols of pride and something that fans can put on to show their support for their respective teams. Although putting on a jersey has been exclusive to hardcore sports fans, it has become a fashion trend in the last couple of decades. Jerseys initially had simple designs but, over the years, have become fashionable accessories. The music industry was among the first to transform jerseys into fashion items, particularly in hip-hop and R&B. Since then, designers have lent their creativity to create unique pieces for sports and fashion, bringing them together to create never-before-seen jerseys. 

In 2020, basketball fanatic Shakir Hammadi decided to take his love for the sport to the next level when he conceptualized and established Jersey Nation. This company revolutionizes how jerseys are worn.

Shakir Hammadi had been working in a supermarket at high school when he decided that he wanted to become his own boss. So, like most entrepreneurs, Shakir delved into his passion – basketball. He reached out to over 20 factories before finding one whose jersey quality appealed to him. Shakir also sought a freelance graphic designer, collaborating to create custom jerseys. While most startups would struggle with creating a buzz online, Shakir had no problem as he used his Instagram page, The Baller Media, to promote Jersey Nation.

Jersey Nation has been an influential entity in how jerseys are worn worldwide, creating pieces that take great inspiration from culture-defining throwback movies, television shows, R&B artists, and prominent hip-hop figures. In its inaugural year, the brand gained significant traction and made over $800,000 in revenue. Jersey Nation’s momentum caught the eyes of celebrities who wanted a slice of the pie and led to partnerships with DDG, Nick Young, The Professor, and Emmanuel Mudiay, to name a few.

The brand’s website features a comprehensive product portfolio replete with various customized jerseys. Although it made waves with basketball jerseys, Jersey Nation also creates custom baseball, football, and high school jerseys, among many more.

Jersey Nation has produced basketball jerseys that pay tribute to films revolving around the sport, including the Wildcats from High School Musical and the fictional Los Angeles Knights from the film Like Mike. The brand also has designs inspired by the popular Japanese anime Naruto, featuring popular characters like the titular Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi. Outside of basketball, Jersey Nation has customized football jerseys to include Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy design. They have the Gunnar Stahl Team Iceland from the Mighty Ducks films in the hockey scene while paying tribute to the baseball comedy The Benchwarmers. Jersey Nation also produces Tupac merchandise.

Sports and fashion enthusiasts can also customize their jerseys. The website allows them to create jerseys according to their wants, whether it’s a tribute to their retiring coach or player or something they want out of fun.

With the basketball scene growing in Australia over the past few years, Shakir Hammadi is optimistic that Jersey Nation is growing even further and expanding in other sports. With the brand growing more popular by the day, Shakir foresees Jersey Nation bringing his customers’ favorite and most sentimental memories to life.


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