Revolutionary Men’s Health Tech Making Waves

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Over 70,000 men have already tried it for themselves, with 96% success. Men using it save thousands of dollars and enjoy fast, free delivery to their homes with a 90-day risk-free trial. No prescription or office visit required.

What is it? The Phoenix is the first patented shockwave device men can use from home to turn back the clock and restore their sexual performance without a lifetime of pills, injections, or high-risk surgery.

Proven Solution Now Accessible to All Men

Specialty clinics have offered shockwave sessions (Li-ESWT) for over a decade. The same technology used in lithotripsy to break apart kidney stones is turned down to a much gentler, safer level and applied to the shaft. Each session takes about 17 minutes, performed 2-3 times per week over the course of a few months.

The end result? Men avoid the natural decline in sexual performance that happens with age, restoring performance to what they and their partners enjoyed in their teens and twenties.

Wave Therapy In-Clinic vs. At-Home

Going to a clinic for this non-invasive procedure isn’t an option for everyone. It requires roughly a dozen sessions, meaning a lot of time spent away from work and other things in life. Plus, the average clinic charges $500 per session, and most insurance will not cover the expense. It can also be a bit awkward having that part of your body handled by a stranger.

Revolutionary Men’s Health Tech Making Waves
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Doing effective wave sessions at home is an exciting development. However, it’s still important to work with your healthcare provider to tackle all of the things that impact sexual performance as men get older. Poorly managed diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular issues need to be fully addressed for the absolute best results.

This is why many clinics now offer The Phoenix to their patients as they shift to telemedicine in a post-COVID world. Purchasing the same device from a clinic allows men to tackle their entire health profile if they’re willing to spend a little more.

Revolutionary Technology Requires a Forward-Thinking Team

Launch Medical was founded in 2018 through a partnership between the largest men’s health clinics in California and Texas. These healthcare providers had already helped pioneer the use of wave therapy in clinics to help men restore sexual performance and enjoy more satisfying relationships.

They invested millions of dollars and years of R&D with one goal: eliminate the barriers these clinicians heard from their patients time and again: too expensive, inconvenient, and embarrassing to deal with.

Male sexual health shouldn’t just be a punchline on late-night television. Failure to perform in the heat of the moment damages confidence, even outside the bedroom, and can leave significant others disappointed. 

In fact, many women call these clinics for information so they can gently broach the topic without hurting their partner’s ego. Now anyone can discreetly reach out to an expert 24/7 via their website. While you’re there, take their online assessment to see if you’re a good candidate.

If you choose to try The Phoenix, you’ll enjoy a 90-day home trial during which you can return the device for a complete refund – although Launch Medical reports less than 6% of men do. 

The Phoenix is capable of delivering more than 70 full-strength wave sessions at home. With the same sessions averaging $500 each in clinics, that’s equivalent to $35,000 worth of sessions for an MSRP of $879. With Affirm, guys can get The Phoenix with payments as low as $43/mo with 0% APR.

How Wave Therapy Works

Powerful, repeated impacts occur inside The Phoenix, which generates shockwaves (powerful soundwaves) that travel through the surface of the skin, and into the shaft tissue.

Revolutionary Men’s Health Tech Making Waves
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The intuitive smart guidance system helps men position the treatment tip and move it along each line of treatment at the right pace – from the base of the shaft to the beginning of the head, and back again. There are five lines of treatment to ensure all of the tissue in the shaft is reached during every session.

This page further outlines how The Phoenix works, where you will also find a link to the complete user guide in the footer of the page.

How long does it last?

The full protocol takes 120 days to complete, with two cycles of weekly sessions, followed by periods of rest. Just like working out, the biggest gains occur during periods of rest and recovery.

While guys who own The Phoenix enjoy the flexibility to continue these sessions as-needed, most choose to complete an additional cycle every 6-12 months to stay at 100%.

What are people saying?


“This technology has been used with great success in my clinic for more than a decade, and now it’s so much more affordable and convenient.”

-Dr. Paul Thompson, Urologist and Surgeon for over 30 years

“The Phoenix is the only tech I need to perform up to 3 scenes per day.”

-Will Pounder, Adult Film Star

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“I have had symptoms of sexual decline for years. I drank too much, and my diet was not good, I used medication for years and it worked well until it did not work anymore. I was then looking at the Phoenix. I got one. I used it and it took a while but I started getting morning wood. Things were working better and I am getting better with the more I use it. For some, one session is enough. I will probably need a few more, but things are looking up! (no pun intended) Thank you Phoenix.” 

-William, Verified Buyer

“…The Phoenix has been a miracle for me…I’m 72 years old and in good health, but for the past 10 years nothing else worked…” 

-Barry B., Verified Buyer

“I heard about the Phoenix from my wife and thought it was too good to be true. I got my Phoenix about 18 months ago and noticed immediate results within 3 to 4 cycles! Before using it, I would have said that I did not need it, but after those first few uses, I noticed a vitality I had not experienced since my early twenties! It also corrected some curvature I had, which definitely helped eradicate the need to adjust when in certain sexual positions. I sing the praises of the phoenix to all my close friends and have told many of them they need to get one and enjoy that youthful exuberance again!”

-Anonymous, Verified Buyer


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