Relax and CBD Merges Health, Technology and Science by Providing High-Quality Spa and Bath Products

With the continuous medical advancements and the growing public interest towards CBD-based products, the nation is witnessing a boom in the Medical Cannabidiol industry, with products ranging from oils to supplements being produced almost daily; the potential of CBD is endless. However, when this potential meets the right person with a purpose-driven goal, it births into a venture that helps the community. Such a venture is Relax and CBD, founded by lifelong friends Nichole Hemming and Justin Reeves.

Like most startups, it was not an easy road, especially for Nichole. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had to go through surgery and radiation sessions, which took a massive toll on her skin. As part of her treatment, she was prescribed upwards of 15 different medications, providing her with many unwanted and unpleasant side effects. Nichole felt she was not functioning correctly as a worker and a mother, so she turned to all-natural bath treatments.

Around the time that cannabis was slowly becoming legally regulated within her state of Colorado, she started tinkering with possible product prospects, which included infusing CBD into her bath salts and bath bombs. Backed by her research about the medicinal properties of the cannabis leaf, she noticed significant changes to the health of her skin and overall well-being. She wanted to share these products, so she started manufacturing the very same products for her friends and family.

Throughout this whole journey, her close friend and eventual co-owner, Justin, injured his leg playing in a competitive soccer game. So, without hesitation, she introduced her products to Justin, who was surprised at how well the spa and bath treatments worked for him. From there, the two, driven by the newfound purpose of sharing the wonders of CBD-infused bath products, started a business that would help the people around them with their topical needs. They are both motivated by supporting the people around them with good all-natural ingredients and adequately tested products.

With all of these experiences in their repertoire, the duo won multiple awards, which include the “Business of the Year 2022” award from Alignable, winners of Global Hospital and Physician Magazine awards as the “Leading Luxury CBD Manufacturer” and the “Purveyor of the Soy Massage Candle” both for USA 2021. “It is still incredibly new, and there are almost new daily developments and breakthroughs. [Of course], we love to share all this wonderful health knowledge about it. [However], we also enjoyed hearing other people’s stories on how this amazing plant has helped them in their daily lives.” Nichole mentioned in an interview.

They are into philanthropy by sponsoring local kids’ sports activities within the community. They have partnered with Senior-High, based out of California, to help educate seniors on products and cannabis. They also sponsor racecar driver Jeff Holden for the 2022 Trans Am West by Pirelli race season. He has been exceptional on this tour, with his racing and educating other men on the benefits and how CBD is great to use. 

With steady growth and a bright future, Relax and CBD will also launch their new product: A topical pain cream, which they will roll out around the 4th Quarter of 2022. The company promises a future to grow in philanthropy, cannabis education and community-building endeavors.


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