Redefining Healthcare: Simas Farmacia’s Mission to Pioneer Innovation and Affordability in Mexico

Redefining Healthcare: Simas Farmacia's Mission to Pioneer Innovation and Affordability in Mexico
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Illnesses and diseases have evoked both fear and fascination throughout history. Each breakthrough unravels the intricate mysteries that link the disease and its corresponding cure. As a result, ongoing research has facilitated the creation of affordable treatments that are just as potent, saving innumerable lives, as exemplified by the revolutionary vaccines that have had a transformative impact in recent times.

Despite the world’s triumph over a deadly disease with the help of swift medical innovations, many countries still face serious healthcare issues such as limited access due to geographic inequalities and serious prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Addressing these healthcare problems requires a multi-faceted approach from local leaders, but SIMAS Farmacia, operated by the best pharmacy chain team in Mexico, has decided to take action with its innovative method.

A trusted help for the local population

When SIMAS Farmacia opened its first pharmacy four years ago, it unlocked the doors to affordable and quality medicine, which redefined healthcare in the country. The cost of assistance and the absence of health insurance have been common obstacles individuals and communities face in many hospitals, forcing them to ignore their underlying conditions.

Rapidly growing with 110 stores nationwide so far, the brand has been committed to offering medicines and medical care at affordable prices for the Mexican public. It also increased its team to over 100 skilled employees who have served more than three million patients and counting. This effort helped boost Mexico’s compliance with international norms, taking the lead position among Latin American countries. 

“The constant improvement in our processes and the rapid growth of our team have led us to become the most trusted pharmacy around Mexico. Despite that, we remain committed to our mission for the people, and we’re looking to offer much more to them than filling our prescriptions, but complete service for their health,” says Pablo Velasco, Director General of SIMAS Farmacia.

He adds, “As we continue to improve, we guarantee that all our patients will receive the exact treatment they need.”

Going beyond the call to serve more people

In addition to ensuring the availability of patented and generic medicines, SIMAS Farmacia offers on-site medical consultations at the pharmacy. This enables individuals far from clinics or hospitals, especially those in rural or marginalized areas, to conveniently access reliable medical advice. The long waiting times usually found at larger centers are no longer an issue with the presence of a specialist at the pharmacy.

The team’s presence is also evident in the digital space. The pharmacy’s official Facebook page regularly shares educational posts about conditions ranging from common intestinal discomfort and dehydration to more serious ones like Parkinson’s disease and autism. This innovation somehow lessens the threat of non-communicable diseases, which the World Health Organization has tagged as the primary cause of 75% of deaths worldwide.

“Our target is to serve the entire population, as health is a topic that concerns everyone,” says Velasco. “Since social media is a powerful communication tool, our team regularly creates information that includes the right monitoring of blood pressure, taking care of visual health, regular physical checkups, and even protection from dengue mosquitoes and skincare tips.”

A pioneer in another breakthrough cure

While the public healthcare system in Mexico is rated among the highest in Latin America, it remains overburdened by challenges that include limited resources and a demand for services that have exceeded the system’s capacity. These have led to delays in care and compromised quality of services. In continuing to seek breakthrough care for the people, SIMAS Farmacia is the only pharmacy in Mexico that innovates through medical cannabis-based products and alternative healing options.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes, once a controversial topic, is gaining significant support in the United States. Several states in Mexico’s neighboring country have begun authorizing its use as a medication, reflecting the growing acceptance of medical marijuana. It has been widely proven effective for easing chronic pain, including neuropathic pain and other factors linked to conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Medical marijuana can also play a role in providing comfort and improving the quality of life for individuals with terminal illnesses, helping manage symptoms like pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, as well as other neurological disorders and mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Aside from medical marijuana, SIMAS Farmacia continues to pioneer other innovations in pharmacy and healthcare. The team believes health has to evolve in Mexico, and they are the brand at the forefront with the mission of opening 200 more pharmacies this year.


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