Reap the Immense Benefits of CBD with Bee Well Botanicals, an Affordable, CBD-inspired, Female-owned Business

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Bee Well Botanicals CBD is a woman-owned business that Patricia Chastain, the brand’s founder, established in Kennesaw, Georgia, in 2018. The business is adamant that CBD is a gift from nature. The company’s mission is to eliminate the stigma attached to cannabis while bringing healing and hope through high-quality products, openness, and accessibility. A close working relationship across the whole production process ensures consistent and necessary unique formulas.

The primary cannabinoid found in hemp plants is cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD. People naturally produce chemicals called cannabinoids, which interact with cannabinoid receptors all across the body. When CBD attaches to these receptors, a variety of physiological processes are set off, including those that may help you control your appetite, pain threshold, mood, and memory. You can notice an increase in these positive triggers and establish equilibrium by feeding your cannabinoid system. 

The company was founded by Patricia, who says, “I wanted to create a business that provides a secure and comfortable venue to educate people about CBD, aid them in using these products to find relief, and de-stigmatize hemp and cannabis. As time goes on, CBD has assisted numerous individuals in finding relief, and research into the potential benefits of cannabinoids for the entire body has only begun.

Rebecca Vega contributed to the construction of the Bee Well CBD storefront and began work on the company’s own line of CBD products, which exceeded the company’s expectations. After months of testing and research, Bee Well CBD embarked on a big new initiative by partnering with their manufacturer to provide CBD products of higher quality at more affordable prices. Over the course of more than a year, Bee Well CBD created and expanded the products it presently offers. During that time, Bee Well CBD carried out extensive testing, customer feedback analysis, and a ton of research to ascertain how affordable the brand could go without compromising their quality assurance.

“We introduced the market to our current line of gummies in May 2019 and had a positive response,” Patricia narrates. “The Bee Well CBD outlet then served as our brand. Many of our customers have been visiting us frequently for almost 4 years to purchase our gummies! In June 2021, Bee Well CBD unveiled Bee Well Tinctures. They are designed to be carefully combined with botanicals that might provide more all-encompassing and overt alleviation for our most common ailments. This has completely changed the game because it enables us to provide high mg strength options at even reduced prices. We overcome a pandemic and many growth pains by keeping watchful, paying attention to what and how our clients demand, and responding to new facts, prospects, and challenges. We are extremely pleased with how approachable and helpful our staff has been, as well as how well the goods have been received and loved in the market, given that the past few years have clearly had an influence on many people’s sleep, anxiety, and pain.”


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