Pure Natural Vibes LLC Championing Natural Remedies for Pain and Ailment through Cannabis

More often than not, most inventions were birthed from necessity. In the case of Pure Natural Vibes LLC as a company, it is not any different. Operated by Darnnelle and Nordia Gibbs, the company came to life out of a need to create medications that do not lead to addiction. And with the world finally leering towards cannabis and its derivatives, it seemed like a good time to enter the space and make a grandstand with bold promises like 100% natural ingredients and purity level.

Pure Natural Vibes LLC operates as a registered CBD/Hemp company located in Orange, New Jersey. The company’s main product offerings include quality, lab-tested Delta 8 THC and CBD/Hemp products offered through its online platform. These products are available in various forms to include creams, lotions, gummies, soft gels and tinctures. They are also safe and effective for convenient daily use.

The company came to life from Darnnelle’s decision to manage his deployment injuries. The go-to solution for injured troops and individuals was opioid, and Darnnelle witnessed firsthand how it ruined many people’s lives with its addictive properties. He decided he would not experience that, and seeing how rounds of physical therapy did not ease the pain; he sought other solutions. Together with his wife, Nordia, they began to research a product that could help with pain, not cause addiction or contain unauthorized ingredients that could lead to a drug test failure. CBD came into their purview, and with its immense health benefits and the new legislation around it, Pure Natural Vibes LLC came into existence.

Since its inception, Pure Natural Vibes LLC has preached the tagline “Experience the Natural Difference” through its products. It aims to reinforce the idea of an all-natural solution for anyone going through one form of pain or the other. The company hopes to capture the active communities of cannabis users who currently use the product illegally. Darnnelle and Nordia hope to create a legal market through the premium product and competitive pricing structure that they offer.

Pure Natural Vibes LLC is a minority-owned and certified veteran-owned business looking to make the most of a growing industry with the potential to grow by thousands of percent. “We believe our greatest success is making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and the people in our community. We have accurate testing to ensure our products have the highest quality, potency, and purity levels. All of our ingredients are meticulously sourced, and lab tested. As a way to remain honest and transparent, you can always find lab reports for our products on our website,” Darnnelle explained.

With two years of operations under the bridge for Pure Natural Vibes LLC, the company’s five-year goal is to start a franchise that entrepreneurs can buy and deliver the purest CBD products to the general public. The company is also in the process of obtaining a Class 5 Cannabis Retail License from the state once the applications go live. So much work has gone into building Pure Natural Vibes LLC, and the couple behind the company hopes that many other entrepreneurs can rise by building companies around their problems or needs.

“There might be a large number of people that are faced with the same problem, and you can be the solution. It’s not always easy, but having passion, a good work ethic and determination, can help you go a long way,” Nordia said.

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