Melissa Marie Fogarty Building Successful Brands to Push Others toward Success

Being a changemaker in today’s world is mostly about impact and influence. Many individuals have carved niches for themselves and become leaders and changemakers in those niches. Across multiple industries, individuals have risen, made names for themselves and contributed immensely toward global transformation by adding value to the world and the people in it. Melissa Marie Fogarty is one of those standout individuals, trailblazing as a changemaker and recording notable strides worldwide.

She’s the founder of numerous purpose-driven initiatives actively involved in improving people’s lives. Her commitment to changing people’s lives and inspiring them to dream beyond their barest beliefs has placed her in a spot that cannot be downplayed or overlooked. Melissa Marie Fogarty is the founder and owner of Pothead Parent TM, also a renowned sales representative, and an indoor cycling director, instructor and trainer. Her work over the years has revolved around making sure the world becomes a better place for everyone to thrive, especially women, children and the family unit.

Melissa Marie Fogarty holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Fredonia State University. She’s passionate about imparting knowledge mainly because of the position of power teachers hold when it comes to building people and shaping society. As a mother of two children who live with a rare health condition, Melissa understands what it means for children to go through struggles when growing. She once struggled with ADHD, and it took having a teacher to help her in the classroom to cope effectively. Thus, her various experiences, especially with her children, inspire her every day to do something to make the world better. “Holding my babies as they suffered through all the tests and medicines that they had to take and seeing other children battle cancer is something I will never forget,” she said.

As her way of contributing to the world, she established Icecycle and actively began to play active roles in the birth of other notable ventures. Another venture she established is Pothead Parent TM, a podcast that talks about life as parents and the love that comes with it. She’s also an advocate for cannabis through The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. Melissa Marie Fogarty has extended her influence by leading some fundraising activities for FeedMore WNY with plans to take on more purpose-driven initiatives for the community.

While Melissa Marie Fogarty continues to make giant strides, she’s crafting a standard image for other changemakers worldwide. She has never let her struggles get in the way of her goals, and every day, she figures out new ways to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible. “I have endured a lot in my life – I have suffered through depression, struggled with anxiety, and battled several adversities along the way. But instead of allowing these tribulations to overpower me, I strive to become successful in order to serve as a launching pad to those in need,” she said.

From her story and journey, Melissa Marie Fogarty is an impactful person who has never rested on her oars for once. She has weathered through different struggles with a doggedness that has made her an inspiring figure for many people looking to change their lives for the better.


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