How This Marketing Entrepreneur Helps Other Business Owners To Step Away And Enjoy Life More

Ozzy Garner
Photo Credited to Ozzy Garner

“Do you want to go on a backpacking trip with me?  If you don’t have spare time, then you should work with me.” – Ozzy Garner. While this statement seems simple enough – it actually is the beginning of what many have found to be a rebirth of their company. 

Beginning his career amidst the ever-changing and moving world of startups and technology, Ozzy Garner quickly established himself as a crucial player for several companies. His pivotal role as a corporate executive allowed him to earn a significant salary while helping companies to succeed. However, despite his success in this career and some dabbling in angel investing, he found himself making the decision to move on from the corporate 9-5. Since launching his business in 2020, he has partnered with nearly one hundred marketing agency owners to help them sell and fulfill services to their clients. The results? In just three years of business, Ozzy and his team at Advirtis just celebrated earning over 40 million dollars of revenue for their clients in one single month. And they’re just getting started. Here’s more about Ozzy Garner and his company, Advirtis.

A Unique Solution to a Prevalent Challenge

With years of experience in the startup world, Ozzy and his business partner Zack concluded that the hardest part of building a successful marketing agency, or any business for that matter, is fulfillment. Raising money is taxing but simple, great ideas come at a dime a dozen, and you can get a business logo on Fiverr or Canva in 5 minutes. However, fulfilling your client’s services with quality and precision will always be difficult. That’s when they decided to create a solution. “We decided to start white-labeling for our clients in a way that has never been done.” Within their first years of business, they had partnered with thirty agencies. Here’s what they did differently than other white-labeling agencies. 

The Greatest Offer To Mankind

Launching a business in the middle of The Great Resignation of 2020 posed a unique challenge – companies were losing employees left and right – plus marketing dollars were being cut off. To help overcome this challenge, Ozzy Garner came up with the perfect solution. “We offered our services with no cost and no commitment. If we can’t install our team in your company and make you money, you won’t pay. This “no cost, no commitment” motto, combined with years of experience and a data-driven methodology has led Advirtis to be one of the fastest-rising marketing companies in the world.

Measuring Success and Envisioning the Future

Success, for them, is multifaceted. From a business perspective, it’s gauged by the value they provide their clients. KPIs include of course increase in revenue and margin, a decrease in turnover as well as overhead, and ease of fulfillment for their clients. However, that’s just the surface. For Ozzy, it’s more about faith over finances. “I’m a Christian and I follow this concept of servant leadership. I want to help serve others and give them a way to step back from their business and enjoy the more valuable things in life.” Time for family, fitness, faith, and yes backpacking in the middle of a work week are what Ozzy believes is a true definition of success. 

To learn more about Ozzy Garner and Advirtis, you can follow him on LinkedIn or visit his website for more information about partnering with his team. 


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