How Solomon RC Ali is Leading People Towards Financial Freedom and Fighting to Dismantle the Racial Wealth Gap in America

How Solomon RC Ali is Leading People Towards Financial Freedom and Fighting to Dismantle the Racial Wealth Gap in America
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People are still grappling with the economic fallout from the pandemic, and now we are once again facing economic challenges still unknown in how severely they will impact us. Now more than ever before, more and more individuals are exploring every potential avenue in an effort to find financial freedom. With countless get-rich-quick schemes waiting to flood your inbox, it’s imperative that we capitalize on only the most trustworthy and reliable new opportunities.

Amidst the challenges we face both in this climate and in an effort to survive it, Solomon RC Ali, a trusted advisor in the finance industry, is making an impact by sharing his wealth of knowledge to encourage healthy money habits to make generational wealth a reality. Ali is making his services easily accessible to anyone who wants to safeguard their finances against the expected recession of 2023 and the inevitable ones that will come after, as they always do.

A Reliable Route

Ali discovered his love of numbers and monetary goals as a young boy, allowing him to excel in his first business endeavor: Selling slingshots to schoolmates. After leaving the army, Ali experienced personal financial struggles due to the economic climate, yet he quickly relied on his skill sets to develop the financial expertise that led him to achieving unprecedented success.

His financial expertise is truly unlike any other available, as he is now a distinguished expert in the financial space. Ali offers a variety of services that help individuals build generational wealth, and his commitment to empowering others has garnered him the well-deserved reputation as one of the most trusted advisors in the industry. His experience spans over 37 years and has earned him the title of Wealth-Building Master. As an investor, Ali has helped market cap to increase gains greater than 300:1 allowing investors to achieve significant profits.

Featured in renowned press such as Real Leaders Magazine, Black Enterprise, FOX Soul, AfroTech, Innovation & Tech Today, Bloomberg, LA Weekly, NY Weekly, and Wharton Business Daily, Ali’s insights have been sought after by business owners, investors, and individuals wanting to improve their financial well-being.

Now, the same financial solutions he provides to some of the most respected companies in the world are being offered to individuals from all walks of life, marking him as the most reliable source to seek for financial freedom. 

Introducing Solomon’s Picks: An Investing Starting Point

In an effort to more effectively reach the general public, Ali has created a new membership site named Solomon’s Picks. This platform will expand investors’ skill sets and provide them with all the information they need to invest successfully. Every recommendation on the site is recommended by Ali himself, researched thoroughly, and validated by a team of financial experts, and they are for seasoned and novice investors alike. 

The platform’s contents are based on four indicators of growth and sustainability: Management, Reinvestment of Management’s Capital, Triple Digit Growth, and Industry Growth Standards. With this information, Solomon’s Picks helps investors easily locate current companies that show potential for success in specific areas, all without the stress of having to research it on their own. This levels the investment playing field, giving everyone regardless of experience a fair chance to build the compounding wealth they are seeking.

“I created Solomon’s Picks because it is my mission to help build generational wealth and financial freedom,” Ali shared. “By giving away the ‘keys to the castle,’ so to speak, I hope to increase awareness of buying and spending power and elevate the American economy. Solomon’s Picks allows people to start creating wealth almost immediately.”

Going Above and Beyond

Ali is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge, especially because of the value that companies, business leaders, and countless individuals have placed on it. Despite his preference for numbers over words, he decided to write a book, ensuring that his experience is helping as many people as possible.

The fact that he accomplished this task is a personal victory and pride point for him, but more importantly, through writing he has not only helped individuals with finance and investments, but he has also encouraged them more broadly, showing them that they don’t need to let limiting beliefs stand in their way on the road to personal growth.

With his latest book, “Why Black Wealth Matters in White America: Turning Black Spending Power Into Generational Wealth,” Ali provides a personal account of his journey to financial success, going so far as to share the invaluable lessons he learned along the way. He provides reflective insights, an intimate look into his life, and the knowledge that can lead others to reach their financial goals.

“I want to give people the blueprint, right up front, of how to build your finance from day one,” Ali said. “I have so many resources, and my book is a testament to the types of actions people can take right now, whether they are seasoned investors or just want to start saving.”

In addition to personal insights, this book explores the factors that contribute to the racial wealth gap in America, provides an analysis of how corporations benefit from Black consumer spending, and examines the political structures that consistently enable systemic racism. Ali provides readers with actionable strategies for taking back control of their financial destinies while also making a positive impact on their communities.

“It is about spending rather than saving. Like an exercise routine, it only works if you put in the work, every single day,” Ali said. “We should be bragging about how much we save, not our new bags or cars or shoes. To the people that look at the one percent and think, ‘Why isn’t that me?’, It can be you if you follow the right steps and use the tools in front of you.”

With his professional experience and his personal passions, Ali stands out from the rest as the most trusted, reliable financial advisor. He has the capabilities to lead anyone to financial freedom and generational wealth. Seeking an experienced advisor is truly what makes all the difference when it comes to capitalizing on the numerous available opportunities.

About Solomon RC Ali
Solomon RC Ali is the Founder and CEO of Solomon RC Ali Corporation, with over 37 years of industry experience and a track record of completing over 140 mergers and acquisitions, raising over $250M in structured investment capital and financing. As an investor, Ali has helped market cap to increase gains greater than 300:1 allowing investors to achieve significant profits. He has also disrupted two industries, doorbell and home security, and raised capital to generate the intellectual property for 2-way audio video technology found in common household technology such as the Ring ™ doorbell. To learn more about his many financial wellness tools, please visit


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