Harmony®, a Purpose-Driven CBD Brand Born from a Mother’s Love

The hemp and CBD industry is home to ventures that were established in acknowledgment of the power cannabidiol has and the role it plays in addressing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, among other medical complaints. Following government approvals and the widespread acceptance of the health benefits of hemp, many brands have risen to the fore, some of which hopped on board because of the financial value that the growing sector can bring to the table. For Harmony®, however, entering the lucrative field was not motivated by the desire to compete with other companies and dominate the space. Founded by a mother who would do anything and everything for her child, this family-operated business is a testament to a mother’s love.

An American, vertically-integrated CBD company based in South Carolina, Harmony® is not only a provider of organic oils, gummies, topical balms, lotions, soft gels, and skin care items but is also a licensed hemp grower and processor. It was created by Janel Ralph around one special child whom the brand was named for in 2015.

In 2009, Harmony was born with a rare genetic condition known as “smooth brain”, a brain malformation that produces multitudes of seizures considered untreatable by modern medicine. Considering that there is no cure for Lissencephaly, Janel Ralph wanted to improve her child’s quality of life as much as possible. This determination triggered the launch of Palmetto Synergistic Research, LLC and the birth of a product line named Palmetto and Harmony. 

Currently, Harmony® is proving to be an impressive force in the hemp and CBD scene, highly trusted for its emphasis on safety, transparency, accountability, and reliability. In addition, all of its signature products are produced using industry-leading methods and manufactured in its NSF-ANSI 455-2 certified facility using regenerative agricultural practices.

“We only partner with farmers who use organic and regenerative practices such as cover crops, carbon farming methods, holistic grazing, and elimination of any synthetic inputs of pesticides or fertilizers,” shared Janel Ralph. “We are a supporter of the Soil4Climate movement and believe that one of the most important ways to help the planet is through healthy soil.”

Apart from its refusal to utilize GMO ingredients, what has allowed Harmony® to earn the patronage of a long list of customers is its unique extraction method. From the beginning, it has banked on a specialized flower MCT infusion method that creates a true full-spectrum product and involves a process that uses gentle heat, time, and slight pressure. Additionally, its line of product offerings is tested by third-party ISO certified laboratories. 

Since its entry into the industry in 2015, Harmony®, which is also a proud member of the Hemp Industries Association, the American Herbal Products Association, the American Botanical Council, and the California Hemp Council, has been the go-to CBD product provider for health and wellness enthusiasts. In the years to come, the quality-focused venture aims to remain the favorite companion of those pursuing a healthier life. Furthermore, the brand hopes to inspire people in the same situation through the story of its founder and the all-out efforts she has extended toward ensuring the best life for her child.  


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