From Failure to Fortune: Carlos Cerezo Arribas’ Road to Empowering Entrepreneurs

Cerezo Arribas
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Carlos Cerezo Arribas‘ story is one of resilience and perseverance. He is an entrepreneur and investor who is passionate about empowering individuals to take action in the new digital era in order to build massive wealth. Cerezo Arribas has gained experience in the financial markets and personal and company finance since 2011 and MLM since 2015. His passion is to impact families and people so they can become the best versions of themselves while building their net worth.

However, Cerezo Arribas‘ journey has not been without its challenges. First, he almost went broke investing in and developing an MLM business that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. Cerezo Arribas had invested 60% of his net worth and had recruited thousands of people. As a result, the scam had a significant impact, causing many people to lose money, including Cerezo Arribas himself, resulting in a loss of trust by those affected. This resulted in him losing all credibility and suffering a significant hit to his image. 

Undeterred, he tried launching his own MLM company, but despite investing a lot of money into it, it didn’t go as planned. Even though Cerezo Arribas believed he was offering a quality product, rebuilding trust proved to be difficult for him, and after a couple of years, he ultimately shut down the business.

Overcoming these challenges, Cerezo Arribas found a good MLM company to build on and started building other successful digital businesses. With time, he has regained his credibility and restored his image. He believes being authentic and transparent is the key to connecting with people, and he is not afraid to tell them about his failures and how he overcame them. This approach has helped him establish himself as an entrepreneur with good ethics. 

Cerezo Arribas focuses on building solid relationships with committed people and loves helping them grow, working with them on their short/mid/long-term goals. This is what makes him different from other MLM leaders. With his current company, iGenius, he has achieved a Global Executive rank and a 5-figure yearly income. With his other businesses, he has hit the 6-figure per year income mark. One of his biggest achievements is building a great AI algorithm with which his community can make passive incomes and profit from the stock market hands-free.

According to Cerezo Arribas, the AI system is developed as a start-up company that plans to function as a hedge fund and neobank in the near future. The system has been active since May of the previous year and has almost 200 users. The AI system has performed exceptionally well, with returns of +25.48% in 2022 and +12.26% so far this year.

Over the next few years, Cerezo Arribas’ goal is to build 1,000 7-figure net-worth families/individuals. He is here to build an empire of entrepreneurs and help people build wealth through business opportunities and smart investments. iGenius offers others a fantastic education, and people can enjoy his sophisticated AI system to make passive income externally.

Cerezo Arribas’ story inspires anyone looking to build their own business or become an entrepreneur. His ability to overcome obstacles and embrace failure has made him a guiding force for aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest for financial freedom and success. Arribas advises those starting out to be authentic, transparent, and committed to building solid relationships with people.

The journey Cerezo Arribas has taken is a testament to the fact that failure is not the end but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. He has come a long way, from almost breaking to building successful businesses and empowering others to do the same. His passion for helping people become their best selves and build their net worth is admirable. It is not easy to build an empire of entrepreneurs, but Carlos Cerezo Arribas has shown that it is possible to turn failure into fortune with dedication, hard work, and the right mindset.


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