Fountain of Health CBD Creating Hemp-based Wellness Products that Work

In a world awash with thousands of products claiming to offer the same benefits, it’s hard to know what’s genuine and what’s not. However, it takes visionaries and revolutionaries to stand out with their offering while standing behind it with a promise of high quality and standards. Founded by hemp farmers Lauren Trad and Chris Trad, Fountain of Health is the coming together of innovators passionate about optimum health and creating efficient products to help people achieve it. By catering to people from all walks of life, they call on people to “come get well,” and provide confidence to those in need as their products deliver exactly that.

Fountain of Health CBD’s approach to its operations is education-based. The brand educates its customers on their offering & benefits. According to one of the founders, Lauren Trad, “We like to focus on education and avoid “hype” items. Of course, by staying true to the plant, our customers reap the full dividends of our offerings. We are one of the few brands that actually farm and extract themselves and are not just label-slapping on someone else’s product.”

Building Fountain of Health CBD began in 2016 with Lauren Trad and Chris Trad as the founders. Chris Trad was one of the first people to legally farm hemp under the Colorado Hemp Pilot Program from the 2014 Farm Bill. Together with his wife Lauren Trad, who has years of experience as an accountant and controller in the agricultural industry, they created a company that’s now changing lives positively and making people feel better. The couple’s combined experience positioned them firmly to navigate the volatile CBD market formation and its evolution over the last couple of years. Teaming up with Sean Lafferty, the founder and CEO of EVG Extracts, has further reinforced the couple’s ideals to lead from the front and create a company that can deliver on its brand promise without compromising on the quality of its product offerings. Sean has over 25 years of leadership experience as an engineer. He established the renewable fuel company Blue Sun Energy in 2001 and served as the Vice-president of operations and, later, vice president of technology and strategic projects.

Since its inception, Fountain of Health CBD has been all about creating potent, pure, and fully-tested plant medicine at affordable prices. Thus, at its core, Fountain of Health offers the finest quality CBD extract by farming the plant, extracting the flowers, formulating and bottling the final product, and distributing their own products. The company is fully involved in the production process from scratch; hence, why it offers assurances of the highest product quality.

Over the next few years, Lauren Trad sees Fountain of Health lending credence to the efficacy of hemp and CBD in medicine. She hopes to change how people approach wellness products as Fountain of Health raises the bar for CBD brands. “As a brand that takes pride in its farm-to-shelf qualities, we have set new standards that many brands will struggle to keep up with. Our goal is to continue to be a leader in this industry and be the go-to brand for everyone looking to improve their health and lead a better life,” Lauren said.


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