Current Challenges in Affiliate Marketing: An Exclusive Interview with Vasilii Gamov

Vasilii Gamov
Photo Credited to Vasilii Gamov

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and ad tech, individuals with a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set are invaluable. Vasilii Gamov is one such professional who has not only witnessed the transformation of the industry but has actively contributed to its growth. With expertise spanning ad tech, fin tech, affiliate marketing, and more, Vasilii has established himself as a prominent figure in the field.  In this exclusive interview, we dive deep into Vasilii’s remarkable journey and uncover the secrets behind his professional achievements.

CEO Weekly: Thank you for joining us today, Vasilii. Let’s start by discussing your extraordinary career path.

Vasilii Gamov: It’s my pleasure to be here. I am a Marketing and Product C-level Manager with over 5 years of experience in both B2C and B2B software development, specializing in mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as website development. With more than 12 years of experience in the tech industry, I have successfully launched projects and companies in industries such as finance (forex and crypto), iGaming (casino and betting), education (online courses), e-commerce, supplements, media, and ad tech.

I am also a startup founder. I created my first company at the age of 20, and now I implement my entrepreneurial skills in my daily work at RichAds by launching new projects and companies, such as Richads media (blog+YouTube), and Yellana – an iGaming affiliate network.

I consider myself an IT influencer. I regularly share my knowledge and educate the community through conference speeches, interviews, webinars, articles, shorts, and round tables with industry leaders.

CEO Weekly: Your resume is a testament to your extensive experience and accomplishments. Can you share some standout moments and achievements that have defined your career?

Vasilii Gamov: Absolutely. I served as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at a YouTube network. During my tenure, we became the first network to allocate 100% of YouTube revenue to content creators, focusing on additional monetization and the growth of bloggers. We achieved significant milestones, including reaching 30 million monthly worldwide video views within our private MCN from scratch, establishing the first CIS blogger school in collaboration with a top CIS YouTube influencer, pioneering an additional monetization network that doubled or tripled YouTube revenues, and securing partnerships with Nvidia, Wargaming, Google, and Additionally, we successfully launched a gaming channel with 30,000 subscribers and viral videos surpassing 1 million views, as well as introducing a video monetization platform in collaboration with (an analogue of Facebook).

From these experiences I have, there is one thing I have learned, and that is never to be afraid of new challenges coming my way. On top of that, the primary skill I acquired from these experiences was the ability to initiate and nurture businesses from the ground up, a skill that I have applied throughout my entire career and life. 

When discussing affiliate marketing, especially in the context of addressing current challenges in the field, it’s essential to highlight that I also gained valuable skills related to transparent business processes and networking. The core philosophy here revolves around viewing affiliates as crucial business drivers, and as a result, structuring your entire business around their success. This approach entails continuous efforts to nurture and expand your affiliate network, consistently seeking new opportunities to support their growth. This principle remains as relevant today as it was in the past.

CEO Weekly: Your LinkedIn profile paints a picture of a seasoned professional who has consistently risen to leadership positions. What strategies have you employed to become a leader in the affiliate marketing arena?

Vasilii Gamov: Leadership, in my view, is about setting the bar high and inspiring your team to reach it. I’ve always advocated for a culture of innovation and continuous learning. I’ve been fortunate to lead teams that consistently outperform industry benchmarks by fostering an environment where creativity thrives and knowledge is shared.

CEO Weekly: Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing presents unique challenges. Can you share some of your most significant challenges and how you’ve triumphed over them?

Vasilii Gamov: Adaptability is critical in this industry. One challenge that stands out is staying ahead of algorithm changes and industry trends. To overcome this, we’ve invested heavily in research and development, ensuring our strategies remain cutting-edge. Building solid partnerships and networks has also allowed us to weather industry shifts with ease.

Another challenge we have on the affiliate market is ecosystem creation. During working processes, an affiliate needs many tools—for example, traffic sources, tracking system, creative services, offers and much more. It’s similar to super apps like Uber (when you cover rides, food and so on).

Initially, the market was quite rare, and transparency was a myth. There were different solutions, but nothing was under one umbrella. Because of that, there were many fraud cases on different sides. Now, we have a trend of creating holding infrastructure. I see how the most significant companies invest enormous resources in such ecosystems.

We face this challenge in my current job. What we already have is a traffic source aggregating 5 billion impressions daily all over the world. We have tracking systems, and we provide our advertisers with creatives and help them launch campaigns and optimize. What else? We launched an affiliate network where partners can use our checked and in-house offers. We have already covered the main requests. Our partner can earn within our system and be sure of transparent cooperation.

We covered much, but there are still big opportunities for further growth: we will launch new ad formats, add more offers, and create more software products.

CEO Weekly: You emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making. Could you share your approach to harnessing data for optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns?

Vasilii Gamov: Data is the heartbeat of our campaigns. We’ve developed sophisticated analytics systems that enable us to glean actionable insights in real time. From A/B testing to predictive analytics, we leverage data to make informed decisions, continually refining our strategies for maximum impact.

CEO Weekly: Building and nurturing professional relationships is central to your career. Could you elaborate on your strategies for effective collaboration and networking?

Vasilii Gamov: Collaboration is the lifeblood of progress. I’ve actively engaged with industry professionals, attending conferences and fostering partnerships. By sharing knowledge and resources, we’ve achieved collective success that transcends individual accomplishments. 

I have taken part in conferences with different products since 2012. I already visited dozens of them in CIS, EU, Latin America, and Asia. Here are several of the most famous names: London Affiliate conference, IGB conference, Affiliate World (both Europe and Asia), Sigma (Malta), AWSummit (Bucharest), and TES (Lisbon).

There I presented company products with the help of both sponsorship packages and networking. During the past year, I also started participating as a speaker and panel member.

One more piece of advice from me is to make it a habit to connect with at least one new person every week, whether it’s through LinkedIn, in-person interactions, or any other means. This consistent practice of reaching out to a new individual on a weekly basis will provide you with valuable insights, hypotheses, and knowledge over time. Stick to this routine to foster continuous growth and learning.

CEO Weekly: Your work has been recognized and featured in various publications. Could you share a project or achievement that you’re particularly proud of, one that has received notable recognition?

Vasilii Gamov: One of the projects I’m immensely proud of is the publication on Igaming Websites and the secret to earning on them. It garnered industry recognition and showcased our team’s dedication and innovation. It’s moments like these that reaffirm my passion for affiliate marketing. 

During the whole story of my work, I’ve launched and developed many stunning projects. The main thing I always do is bring new value to the team, company, and market.

There were additional monetization options in my 1st company – YouTube network, Gamification project in casino, cashback service on forex, transparent KPI systems and highly tuned processes in ad tech holding. 

Most of all, I am proud of public knowledge sharing. I have done it throughout my entire career. On the last job, I did it with the help of our media (blog and YouTube), publications and interviews. We accelerate industry knowledge on our sources and invite industry experts regularly.

With all the hard work I have done all these years, I am happy to share with everyone the successes that I have. In 2022 and 2023, Richads was honored as the best ad network by Offervault (USA industry media) for two consecutive years. Additionally, we received recognition as the best iGaming traffic source by Sigma, a renowned international iGaming conference and community.

CEO Weekly: As we conclude, do you have any exciting projects or initiatives on the horizon?

Vasilii Gamov: Looking ahead, RichAds has ambitious plans to expand its ad network offerings and become a significant player in the industry’s media landscape. In the realm of betting, I advise a focus on long-term profitability, underscore the importance of increasing legalization and the burgeoning LATAM market, and encourage exploring diverse GEOs. In the affiliate industry, I emphasize the adoption of modern technology such as AI and highlight the ongoing trend of affiliate companies evolving into larger holdings encompassing multiple platforms.  

In the world of affiliate marketing, Vasilii Gamov shines as a true luminary. His achievements are a testament to his dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As we eagerly await his forthcoming projects, one thing is sure: Vasilii Gamov is a force to be reckoned with in the affiliate marketing arena.


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