Andrew Giorgi Empowers Businesses to Reach a Seven to Eight Figure Revenue

The ecommerce industry experienced massive growth amidst the pandemic, and this has been proven by the number of businesses that integrated digital strategies to keep their ventures running amid the harsh economic landscape everyone has encountered. Now more than ever, all kinds of businesses need individuals who will guide them through the ins and outs of ecommerce, and Andrew Giorgi is a trustworthy fellow in this particular landscape.

Andrew Giorgi is an exceptional entrepreneur who has generated over seven figures from a YouTube channel with under 5,000 subscribers. The digital expert was also able to yield more than $600,000 during his first 18 months in his ecommerce journey. Additionally, he shared his insights with two other companies and managed their operations department, generating a seven-figure revenue. 

Andrew is not just a digital entrepreneur who is after the results and numbers; he is also an icon with a story that can surely inspire those aspiring to live successfully. He grew up in a financially-challenged home led by a single mom, and although he lived alone for a while, he was forced to move back in with his family after a significant failure.

Andrew did not have it easy. In an interview, he shared his past struggles before he was able to hit a seven-figure income: “My first venture in the entrepreneur space did not work. I had to try five to six things before I found something I was truly passionate about.”

Another challenge the entrepreneur faced was his $35,000 debt, which he finally paid off after a while. But, thinking that was the last of the hurdles he had to go through, Andrew was dumbfounded when his former business partner ran off with $30,000 and did not pay him back. That was a significant setback because his only business got suspended.

Despite the many challenges he faced, Andrew did not stop pursuing his passion until he founded a business that could generate an income of seven figures in four years, learning several of his strengths and weaknesses along the way. Now that his business venture is more stable and with his substantive experience in the ecommerce industry, he takes it as his responsibility to help other aspiring and established entrepreneurs and business owners as they scale up their companies virtually. In an interview, Andrew said, “I see myself also positively impacting thousands of lives by helping them attain passive income and diversify their portfolio.”

The successful digital entrepreneur wants to share life and business insights that will be helpful and pivotal for his followers’ ecommerce journeys. He believes it is essential to remember that one’s first success will not last forever, even though it feels like it. 

Andrew envisions growing more companies to multiple figures in the next few years as he continues honing his expertise as a COO and CMO. In addition, the booming digital professional sees himself mentoring other passionate entrepreneurs about operations and content. He also hopes to start helping them reach seven to nine-figure revenues in record time.


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